Relapse and Accident

I stole pills from a sponsee and then drove my car high and hit something that damaged my car. I told everyone that my car had been parked and someone hit me. I told no one about the pills.

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  • Is it normal that i really hate old people. i don't think that they are sweet or cute or anything i just hate them.i feel like they are all jerks that think they deserve more respects just because they have been alive longer. I think they all smell and are lazy. I know somethings they can't do on their own but alot of times they just don't want to do annoying things so they make young people do it for them, stuff they are clearly capable of. Just because your old doesn't mean you can't even use your brain anymore. Help me i hate them!

  • I work in a call center for insurance and I talk to old ** idiots all day. You're right they brag and yell they argue they ** about the stupidest things they think because they lived longer than anyone we gotta kiss their ** and they tell you stupid stories that are long and winded and we don't give a ** about. I hate old people too. Maybe if they would of worked out and taken care of themselves better when they were younger they wouln't feel and look so old. Oh yeah and their racist ** too . That generation needs to go already bunch of stupid **!

  • Must we go over this again? Old people are a hazard to the health and happiness of the world's youth and an unsightly waste of taxpayer wallet space who have done nothing but slowly and steadily ** the life out of America's broken-down junkie blood vessels for the past 20 to 30 years or so. And hey, not to sound like a crotchety you-know-what, but I think this country still has a lot of spirit left in it. No one would ever guess that, what with the pasty-faced vampire ** known as senior citizens riding the healthy ** of everyone under the age of 65, but it does. Old people are the reason we still have a two-party political system where nothing can ever get accomplished, because their votes help uphold archaic laws and ideas and entitled ** that characterizes the country we live in and how we should treat and perceive it. Senior bitterzens are an embarrassing sore on the lips of this country and the only reason Two and a Half Men ever got popular.

  • Old people are gross, they smell bad, they aren't funny, they look like ** all the time and they're cheap. Senior citizen discount, seriously? Do you really need a discount on that moldy orange and jar of pickled chicken eyes you're buying? You know you're never gonna eat that orange. It's just gonna sit on your kitchen table until one of your ** up kids comes over and picks it up and goes "Geez, ma, don't you ever throw anything out?" Then you'll just wave it off and make some pathetic joke about your age because you know everyone will feel bad and continue to let you fly under the radar like every weak, shriveled-up piece of caveman ** your age does.

  • Thankfully you only hurt your car and not yourself or someone else. This is a sign (from whatever you believe in) for you to get sober and stay sober. Get your car fixed and get on with your life. Get the help you need to work whatever program works for you.

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