Forced nudity

When I was 15 going on 16 I saw a boy being forcefully stripped by a group of older boys. They had him held by his arms and legs and watched how they stripped off his clothes. I think his helpless screaming and kicking was what sexually aroused me. He ended getting paraded stark naked, waving his p**** in from of a bunch of cheering girls that did nothing to stop them. They just looked and laughed at his p**** getting hard. I got so turned on, I masturbated when I got home re living the whole experience. I thought it was extremely erotic because it was done against his will. The truth is that I enjoyed watching it and have used it to m********* myself since them.

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  • This happened to me on my way home from school by three older senior boy's. No girl's were around but after these boy's stripped my clothes off one held them from me. They knew I was gay even though I'm not out. Talk around school about me led these boy's and other's to believe this. I'm a feminine boy born androgenous and speak in a high voice, so other's took notice to me and being pretty didn't help. Well, these boy's held my clothes from me until I went with one of them further into the woods away from the other two and did what he wanted me to, sucked this d*** for a awhile and then the other two boy's came to where we were and watched. One boy took his clothes off and came over to me when I was sucking on the one boy and pulled me up by my hips and onto my knees. He penetrate me and it hurt so bad at first. All three boy's had their turn f****** me that day which felt like hour's. I could hear other's passing by in this wooded path behind where we were. We all stayed quiet until it was clear. One boy kissed me when this was over. These boy's even talked nice to me while f****** me, saying how pretty I was and how much I was like a girl. These boy's talk to me at school, and smile at me if no one is looking. I've come to like these boy's strange as this my be. I've let the boy who kissed me f*** me again after this in his bedroom many times. All three of these boy's have a girlfriend and this one boy says he like me more. You found it erotic to see a boy against his will, stripped in front of girl's and get hard. Me experiencing a similar encounter an now accept, even look back upon it at one point while the boy's were f****** me, that I ws so sexually aroused and into it, even let the c** of these three boy's stay in me and on my legs until late that evening. Hmm...? I guess being sexual takes us into another world.

  • I was 15 when I saw a naked boy in summer school camp. I was sitting with other girls on the steps of the bleachers when a teacher walked into the boys showers. Found out later he had caught a boy towel whipping another boy in the shower. He dragged him outside by his ear all the way to the principal's office building completly naked. I remember boys laughing at him and girls gheoing crazy looking at his baby p**** swigging up and down. He was 13 and old enough to feel shame about everyone seeing him naked. !God! It was so h**** my girls couldn't stop talking about how embarrassed ve looked.

  • In 7th grade the fun was pantsing but we never took it all the way. Forced stripping in public like these posts is my favorite category online, far better since nobody's going to catch an STD and die. Seriously though that kind of humiliation is less powerful when you're not a kid anymore. Now, we head out on the World Naked Bike Ride and hope to get our pictures taken by the folks cheering from the sidewalk.

  • My stepmom forced her son and me (12 & 13) to swim naked and lay out by the pool while her book club met in the den that looked out onto the pool. I'm sure they were all watching us. My dad laughed it off as no big deal when he got home that night. I always hated her for that.

  • I was on school camp where we slept in huts of 8 bed. Four double bunks. I lost a dare and had to make all the beds in the nude.

  • Ho t and manly makes me hard

  • That was your own willful (silly) doing. This boy was raped. If this ever happened to me, then rest assured that will be reports of c*nts that bled and/or went missing...

  • And if that were a girl, that'd be rape. Why aren't you calling this rape? What's wrong with you?

  • This *is* rape, and everyone involved should be raped back.

  • Should!? MUST and WILL be RAPED back if ever they get exposed.

  • Um, sir

  • Abusers don't a s***. Only sharing the pain will make them care.

  • Tell 'em!

  • *give

  • My girl friend and I picked the lock of the bathroom door to catch my cousin naked in the shower. Only thing he had in there was a towel and we quickly threw it out on the hall. I remember he was shapooing his hair with eyes closed un aware that we were looking at his d***. He was so embarrassed he never told his mother. I remember he was 13 years old, hairless down there and forced to finish bathing in front of us and parade himself all the way back to his room. H******* thing we ever did. Know he ovoids us every time he sees us.

  • Well, when I (or one of your cousins) repeatedly/gang rape you and your little psycho girlfriend and find it the "hottest thing we ever did", don't go crying to mummy or the law... and you better avoid me/us every time you see us ... just in case we decide to ravage your little hairless c*nts!

  • I did that to my 13 year old cousin. His friends left him tied up to a fence as a joke. My two girls friends took advantage and yanked his pants and underwear down. He couldn't do a thing but stand there with his p**** exposed in front of us diyng of shame. Sexiest part about it was watching his d*** blow up into a full b****. I remember we had a lot of fun pulling his d*** down and letting it spring back up again. I remember his face red as tomato as we palyed with it. We even took a picture of him so we could later fool around with him.

  • Keep talking sh*t. I will tie your two little girl friends on barbed wire fence and repeatedly yank and twist on their sh*t for the freaking Internet and see if you will be laughing then you sick f*ck.

  • Who are you. We should talk.

  • Maybe I should talk to you instead, feminazi.

  • Not a big deal happened to me somtimes when I was a boy only once with girls present when i was forced to cross dress

  • When i was younger me and my friend and my younger brother built a camp in our back garden and one day we got our neighbour's daughter in our camp and got her to strip off and we then also stripped off and we took turns to f*** her. It was the first time i had ever has s** and i c** in her my brother and friend also f***** her full of s****, i think she was too young to get pregnant. I then carried on f****** her till we moved six month's. I heard my mate ended up marrying her.

  • At last you understand now why men have so much fun raping women. If it ever happens to you, remember not to complain.

  • While NOTHING justifies raping a woman, I definitely think you've hit upon
    something. I personally have a theory that some males that are forcibly abused by females as a child can't handle it and grow up to take their anger out on women by becoming rapists. Similarly, some males that are forcibly stripped by groups of females OR at the behest of females vent this same anger by becoming rapists. IF society protected males from female abuse, I
    believe this would GREATLY reduce the incidence of Male on Female rape.

  • If you want to know what all rapist have in common,it is the inability to
    m*********.Survey of rapist in prison found this out.

  • This is very true.

  • If this kind of a thing happened to me, then rest assured that I will retaliate; the degree and manner of which will seek not seek anyone's approval. Whether my retaliatory actions are deemed criminal is a different subject.

    For those who hold that NOTHING justifies raping the female offenders (speaking in context), then I say to you quite simply "DON'T START NONE, WON'T BE NONE".

  • It's not the experience itself that eventually turns victims into abusers, it's the complete absence of justice afterwards. They learn that the world is divided into predators and preys, that terrible deeds go virtually unpunished, and that the only way to be safe is to join the ranks of the abusers.

  • I disagree with the first assertion. There is no such a thing as "never justified". In the eyes of vulnerable boys, being forcefully stripped and humiliated in front of a group of girls for their sexual entertainment is probably even more traumatizing than one girl forcing herself on him.

    So the girls who had a such blast traumatizing him should be put through a similar level of trauma, by being suddenly raped out of nowhere by some random guy in a similarly forceful way (direct reflection). The idea may abhorrent to women on some primitive emotional level, but if you look at it from a purely factual and logical perspective, it's the fairest punishment possible.

    The same should apply to male-on-female rapists : a good assraping from some starving macho dude. Criminal-minded people don't care about right and wrong, only sharing the pain can awaken some sense of empathy.

  • *least

  • I've always wanted to initiate my young cousin into s**. I knew he masturbated almost every day because I've peeped on him. Figured he would never say anything because he'd already dreaming up dirty stuff when he jerks himself. I think he was scared I would tell his Mom about him playing with himself and finally creamed him in the laundry room. I remember his d*** was hard as rock when I stripped him., Took his hand and pushed his fingers inside my p**** and some how managed to have and o***** and them sucked him off. I remember it just took a few sucks to make him c**. Just the thought his d*** had never been near a p**** made it even more special. It only happed once, I know I shouldn't have done it, know he like it and soon he'll be h**** and back again for more.

  • I was tricked by a group of boys from school into going for a stroll on the beach to forced me to drop my pants and boxers in front of four girls. Remember they forced them down when I refused to do it, took them off to prevent me from running away and stopped me from covering up. I remember girls laughing watching my d*** growing hard and squatting down to snap cell phone pictures and threatening to show them in school. I got my clothes back but never the pictures that probably were shared with other girls. I was 15 when it happed, constantly teased, and so embarrassed I kept quiet about it. All I got was smiles from girls in school and terrified about them doing it a second time.

  • Your not the only one to be humiliated in such an embarrassing way. Showers during PE period in school meant getting harassed by older boys. Towel whippings, nipple twisting were the order of the day and couldn't do anything about it. Don't know how many of those I had to indure. When I thought things couldn't get worst, I got pulled out of the shower and dragged outside stark naked. There were some 12 girls out there when it happed and got exhibited in front of each one of them. I remember my face burning with shame, girls rushing up to me for a cheap thrill and laughing boys holding my arm's black. Not even my own sister had seen me so naked and much less with an embarrassing erection. The worst part of it was the helplessness of not being able to do anything about and ashamed of talking about it. The teasing was the icing on the cake and just had to deal with it because there was nothing else I could do but swallow the shame.

  • I honestly wished this stuffed happened to me I'm a guy

  • It still can

  • I'm a boy would you dragged me naked outside in front of girls

  • Wishing for it makes a world of difference. None of the victims wanted it to happen, that's what makes the event a criminal abuse and the participants human-shapped trash.

  • You summed it all up PERFECTLY! Bless You!

  • You're quite welcome :)

  • I was left in the shower with no clothes because some senior girls had taken them. I remember I had a towel rapped around when they sneaked in boys to embarrass me. Told me they would leave me there if I didn't drop my towel in front of them. "Come on drop it or we'll tell everyone your in here naked" The thought horrified me so I opted to drop it. I remember boys looking at my p**** and girls laughing telling me to keep my arms by my side. The experience was so utterly humiliating I'd remember it for the rest of my life.

  • It's always seniors preying on younger students for kicks. I my case it was a group of senior girls bending me over a stair way hand rail, lifting my skirt and taking off my panties. They did to exposed my whole crotch in the presence of boys. Legs so spread I could feel my butt and p**** wide open for the world to see. I also swallow my pride and dignity and embarrassment kept me from telling anyone. Never got my panties back and hand to spent the whole day in school with out them.

  • When I was in 5th grade my I walked into the bathroom and saw my mom naked I ran out the room and thought it was over Later that day my mom came to my room and told me to take off all my clothes/ I always did what she said and soon was naked She the told me to go downstairs and stand in the living room I did what she said Then from the kitchen I heard the sound of the neighbor Lady and her two girls One was my age the other was 3 years older I heard my mom say you girls have not seen a naked boy before Have you I heard them say no She said then girls and lady today is your day They then walked into the living room and the girls and their mom got a good look before I could cover my privates with my hand Mother said none of that and made me put my hands to my side Then to make matters worse the door bell rang and entered a girl from my class and her two older sisters and their mother There I was naked in front of more females I was kept that way for about while the girls looked and laughed at me naked.

  • Do you wear boxers yes or no

  • You could wear both

  • That would've made me so h**** though

  • I am a girl I saw a boy get his clothes taken off I started it a bunch of older guys were messing with a younger boy They said what should we do with him I yelled Strip him The boys did what I asked They were going to stop at his underpants but I shouted Do n0t stop there strip him naked I was the only girl there but saw a bunch of girls walking and I called them over to see The girls laughed and I was laughing Poor boy his face was so red

  • If YOU get gang raped OR stripped naked in public I will have a minimum of
    sympathy for you. It will only be the karma YOU DESERVE.

  • I was the little boy a** H*** and the girls also abused my p**** By kicking it

  • Left that out b****

  • Really why have u done that :(

  • I'd like to hear more

  • Gosh, what if you were being held by a bunch of older guys and I yelled "RAPE HER" and they took turns raping you? Would this be O.K. with you? I think it would be DESERVED KARMA!

  • Sounds a lot like a raping frenzy. It seems girls are actually just as corruptible and predatory as guys are, and simply have less opportunities to indulge their own darkness.

  • I was stripped naked in front of girls when I was 12 Some bullies caught me outside of school and Stripped me naked There were about 10 girls I knew and a few I did not know who saw me naked

  • I remember getting punched and kicked by a group of boys when I was 13 while girls watched. I never imagined I was going to get stripped naked and dragged in front of everyone stark naked with everything on show. I later discovered the same group of boys and girls had done it to two other boys from my school just for fun. So embarrassed and intimidated I never said anything.

  • I saw a teacher forcing a boy to stand naked on the hallway because he hadn't done his home work. It happed in an elementary school and suffered de humiliation of having boys laughing at him and girls walking by giggling and looking at him. We were all kids between 7 and 14 and nudity in boys wasn't and issue. The boy was 12 and old enough to feel embarrassed about it and at that age you just had to do what teachers told you. Lucky about being a girl because nudity was never used on girls. It was always boys and girls were aloud to watch to make the punishment more humiliating.

  • That must have been used in another DECADE, in the world of today that wouldn't stand.

  • I'm out of my school years so I don't know what's going on in schools now days. I know naked spankings and the use of nudity as punishment wouldn't stand now days. It's illegal and would end up in court in flash. You don't hear anything about that happing in school now days. But not every school is a bit day school because there are still boarding schools that used it. No one knows what goes on behind walls and closed doors and kids usually are so embarrassed they never talk about it. A lady I knew went to one of these schools that used nudity to punish kids in front male and female students. Mind you she was talking about elementary school with kids 7 to 14 years old and done to boy and not girls. Some how nudity in boys was not seen like big issue. Told me she once got sent to study hall for not handing her home work on time. There were two other girls and three boys along with her. She then discovered one of the boys had failed to hand in his home work three times in row and was forced to do the home naked. Forced him to get undressed and stack his clothes on the teachers desk and walk back to his seat. The whole time unable to cover himself an endure the unthinkable shame of being watched. The story stuck in my mind for years just thinking about the embarrassment that poor kid most have gone through. Also the teachers comments telling him "the faster hid did it the faster he could get dressed"

  • That's sexist

  • This had happened to me. One of The girls of my class asked me to come to her house at 6. I went there and i saw her in a very sexy dress. She said that we are going to do s**. I was excited. I totally get naked and came in front of her. What i saw i was shocked. There were all the girls of my class. They said me to wear a bikini šŸ‘™ they clicked photo of me naked and also wearing a šŸ‘™ and they shared them instantly. This thing go on for 1.5 hours. It was humiliating but also fun as girls played with me and my p**** and i have s** with 2 girls...

  • That's sexist but would like to hear morre

  • I knew my cousin Jerry slept in the nude because his sister told. When I asked her how did she know, she told me she sneaked into his bedroom early in the mourning and slowly lifted his sheet. The next mourning we both sneaked in. He never found out about it.

  • For all we know it was a consensual "forced naked" event and that it was the boy who was stripped idea on how to get naked in public without negative consequences.

  • These storys genuinly scare me they are hard to read and to anybody participating i have no respect for you whats so ever

  • So, f*** you too.

  • That is kind of the nature of a "Confession". You are supposed to read these in a non-judgemental frame of mind. I respect the people who are brave enough to post their confessions. The fact that you don't approve means absolutely nothing.

  • You wouldn't be so quick to defend these useless bits of trash if it was a girl being destroyed in public for the enjoyment of a male audience. You'd be wondering why no one took up the fight to save the poor little thing.

  • Perfectly correct. Morally speaking, the people confessing are trash. They may not care, but it remains an unquestionable fact, and deep down they know it.

  • I used enjoy going to the beach on work days because I had the whole beach to myself. I was laying faced down sun bathing in my bikini, when a group of rowdy teenagers showed up out of nowhere kicking up sand with their feet. They just laughed as they walked by and I went back to my sun bathing. The next thing I knew, was being pick up off the sand by arms and legs,t*** hanging out, bottom ripped off and sodomized with a sun tan oil bottle. "Enjoy it b****" as I felt the bottle inserted into my p****. Crashing waves and wind drowning my screams, Couldn't do anything else but hang there, gang groped, sodomized and laughed at with one in sight. I remember them pitching my nipples, spreading my legs, making dirty comments about my a***, dropping me on the sand and running away. Stunned and humiliated about what just had happened, I made my away back home not even remembering how the looked. Didn't even tell my husband for obvious reasons.

  • These boys caught a boy walking out of the showers in a bathrobe. They open his bathrobe and discovered he was completely naked under it. Of course, they did it to shame in front me and my girl friend. I have to admit it was such a turn on to see him naked holing on to his bathrobe, while we looked at his p**** swinging side to side and ending up getting an erection. I still get all wet re-living the moment.

  • Saw a group of boys harassing a boy from school in the back yard of vacant house and told him to get undressed. I remember them telling him to start with his shoes and them making him strip down to nothing. He just stood there stark naked in front of girls laughing girls looking at his p**** begging for hid clothes. As far as I know nothing ever happed and went un reported.

  • I've always had a phobia about girls seeing me naked. All that went out the window when some boys bully stripped me to give girls a thrill. They left me stark naked with nothing to cover myself, surrounded by girls watching me getting an erection. Don't know why I got one in such humiliating situation but I couldn't stop it. What was so humiliating, was that those girls were completely shameless and sexually attacked me. The whole thing lasted about 20 minutes before I got my clothes back. It was something they had done before to other boys to have fun shaming them in front of girls that couldn't get enough of it. They just stood there groping me and comparing they sizes of my d*** with other boys they had stripped. All of them young, shy and easy to abuse.

  • I was stripped at school and sexually abused by all of the girls until I c** it was very embarrassing

  • I was sitting with my girlfriends on the bleachers of our high school baseball field when some boys came up to us. They asked us if we wanted to see a naked boy that was taking a shower dragged outside. Of course we all wanted to see him out in the open with no clothes. Heard him screaming inside and minutes later we saw him dragged out naked, wet with his p**** swinging from side to side. They held him behind the back wall of the shower to exposed him in front of us. There were no teachers around and plenty of time to look at his p****. He looked so humiliated standing there in front of us while we watched his p**** creeping up on him. I guessed he couldn't help getting a erection and watched it go completely h****** him. We saw every inch of him while he helplessly got held up with everything on show. It was what senior boys did to younger ones for fun and a sexual turn on for us. He never said anything and we all got away with it scot free. He blushes every time he walks passed us in school and terrified we would do it again. It something I'll never forget as long as I live.

  • To pay for a store window i broke i was forced to model naked for a girls club who gave me the money to pay for it. tied spread eagle naked while 1 of the girls said tonight we'l all know how a boys body works . i was tied to a table with a towel covering me when the girls came in to the room the towel was slowly pulled off i heard someone say "it's so cute" when my d*** stood at attention. i was so embarrassed and red faced but couldn't move being tied i felt like a baby being changed with the girls looking over at me with big smiles on there faces and having power trips knowing i was helpless and they were in control. they played with my d***, tickled me, massaged me and sucked me all night

  • Wow I wish I was there

  • Loved it

  • Great story loved it

  • Well, I never thought I would hope this on someone in my life. With luck the universe will see clear to share this humiliation with you.

  • I'm affraid we live in an amoral universe, and odds are they will never be punished the aberrations described here. What is certain is that they will suffer their entire life and slowly fall apart until they die, like everyone else.

  • I'm a girl and also went through the horrible shame of everyone seeing me naked. It happed when I was 17 in a public shower during a school camping trip. I remember senior girls stole my bag with all my clothes and towel in it. My heart turned over when a realized I had been left stranded naked in a public shower with rows of locked lockers and nothing to cover myself. Stood there completely naked thinking there was no way of walking out of there with nothing on. I could hear the b****** laughing outside telling boys if the wanted to see me naked. Almost died when they walked inside with a group of boys. Getting my stuff back meant letting those boys check out my t*** and p**** holding my arms in the air. Embarrassment was a over statement watching those boys looking at me in all the right places. I got my stuff back but at the cost of total humiliation.

  • I was 14 when I got pulled out of the shower by senior girls. I remember they dragged me outside naked telling boys if the wanted to see my t*** and p****. Ended totally humiliated with a crowd of boys gathered around me. Showed very inch of myself that day and the embarrassment of everyone in school talking about it.

  • I once got my pants pulled down in school in front of girls and girls telling them to yank my underwear down. I still remember those girls laughing when my hard d*** popped out of my underwear. Don't know how I got one on such and embarrassing experience, but it just went h****** me. They just knelt down to look at it while boys held me. Later I found out they had done it to another boy that kept it a secret as I did. At least those girls didn't tell anyone and saved me for further embarrassment, but I still had to go to school and see them every day.

  • Saw senior boys exposing a boys d*** in front of my girl friends. What can I say that hasn't been already said. I found it very sexually arousing to stand there looking at his d*** with a full erection. He had a pretty big d*** for a 14 year old kid. Things like that you never forget.

  • Last weekend i made a bet with two lads in our local bar,where i work,the lads were talking about the rugby six nations and as a welsh girl i love my rugby have won the six nations for the past two years,and i was confident of a welsh win in ireland.the guys are all english fans and love to see wales lose and wanted ireland to win.after a bit of joking around one of the guys suggested betting on the game and we all agreed.i was so sure of a wales win i went along with it and jokingly said if wales lost instead of me giving them my money,i would strip for them after closing.the game started and wales got thrashed and i couldnt beleive it.i work in the evening and the guys were there smiling at closing time,they didnt look like leaving as i hoped and chatted with the landlord whos my boss locked the main door and they all turned to me and said go on then time to strip.i laughed at them and said i was joking and they knew that but they didnt seem to boss came over with a tray of drinks and said well atleast stay for a drink,so i agreed.after a second drink i said i was leaving,but as i stood up i felt hands on me and i was pulled back.i was layed on a large table and held down,as the guys took my jeans off and shirt and then my bra and pants.i was naked on the table being held down but instead of struggling i was laughing and started to enjoy it.the guys checked every inch of my body and soon i felt hands on my b****** and my legs being pulled apart.i was really turned on by now and told them to help themselve as i was unable to move anyway.soon the guys took turns in f****** me and i was in heaven.once the guys had finished my boss took his place and slid his c*** inside me too,f****** me hard and fast until he also climaxed in me and pulled now it was late and i had missed my bus to get home so i agreed to stay the night.we all had another drink and they told me to stay naked so i did.the guys left and my boss took me to bed.

  • I just came in my pants reading this

  • Id like to f*** your twisted p****

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