My fetish/problem?

I'm a guy 19 years old bi-sexual, and i have this fetish where i like to fill my body with air and water. it's weird i know and i don't really get it myself, but i can't help but love it. i just love that feeling were my stomach starts to stretch outward and look big and round, the pressure that builds up inside me, makes me light-headed but i can't help but feel like i need that feeling. my ex-boyfriend use to fill me all the time when he was around, he said it gave me this "glow" as he would say, and that's why he liked to do that too me so much, and i became very feminine because of this, and that's actually one of the reason's my new girlfriend likes me so much. my new girlfriend doesn't know about my fetish, and i'm both glad and unhappy about that, i really like her and she likes me, we haven't done anything major as far as s** goes, but i'm not saint since my ex-boyfriend and all, but i want to be honest with her, but i'm scared i'll loose her if i tell her. my biggest problem aside from deciding wether or not to tell her, it what to do about myself since i fear that i'm kind of addicted to and i don't have the self control i thought i did. i say i'm addicted to this…fetish because in the morning before i go to work, i like to take long showers, but half way through i get this urge to take the shower hose and start filling myself up with warm water, one time i was literally in the shower for over an hour and i was filling myself , releasing it, and then refilling myself nonstop. i nearly passed out and spent the rest of my day cleaning up the bathroom. so my question i guess is what do i do, i like my girlfriend but i'm afraid that i'll lose her if she finds out, and i don't want to loose the feeling i get from being filled…so what should i do?

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  • If this gf is someone you really care about and she's into you tell her. Maybe not be so graphic at first. Just tell her you have this strange fetish for feeling full inside from water. See how she reacts. We all have fetishes, some considered strange than others. If she's not ok with it just do it on your own on the side. It sounds like something you're not willing to give up. She may have a strange fetish or two herself, you never know.

    I have really strange fetishes but I won't even get into that.

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