Naked in front of my Daughter

I want to confess that I let my 20 year old daughter see me naked and see my open p****. It started one night when my daughter was in the living room watch TV and I came out of shower in my towel. I sat on the couch and she was a cross from me. I wasn't thinking about it when I brought my knees up to my chest to get comfortable and my p**** was showing.

It took me a while to realize why she kept looking my way and even pretending not look but was.The second it I realized it, I said to myself, "oh my God, she is staring at my p****." Right then I got this butterfly and this exciting feeling came over me. I was sure that my daughter had probably never seen an older woman's p**** and was confident that she had never seen one as hairy as mine. I have big lips and very thick hair between my legs.

After a few minutes, I could feel myself getting wet.This was crazy! I was getting wet knowing my own daughter was looking at my c***. I know I should have done the right thing and closed my legs or left the room, but I justified it by telling myself the damage was already done.

I slowly opened ,y legs so that she wouldn't notice I did it on purpose. With in a few minutes, my legs were spread wide. I could feel myself getting warm all over and I could feel juice coming out onto my inner thigh.

This lasted about a half hour that night. I wanted to test it so a few nights later, I got out of the shower and went to the living room. My daughter was in the kitchen at the table on her computer. As soon as I sat down, she brought her computer in and sat across from me again. As soon as she sat down and I could see her looking through her bangs pretending not to look. As soon as she did this, I spread my legs.

My c*** was wide open and she was enjoying it as much as I was.Each night I would do this, I would end my night by masturbating about it. My fantasy includes talking to her about it asking her if she likes it. Private and harmless. Some might say perverted, but I find it a turn on and again very private. I still do it fairly often and she never misses an opportunity to see it.

Feb 21, 2014

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  • You should act like you are itching down there and begin to rub your c*** and get carried away and start fingering yourself in the BK all family members should enjoy mutual masturbation and enjoy naked time together and let things happen as they may as long as everyone is of legal age of consent and it is legal in the state they are in

  • F*** ya I would bend your daughter over while you eat her p****.

  • Go up to her wrapped in a towel after a shower an put your hand on her shoulder from behind and say "Honey, this is so embarrassing but could you help me trimming my pubic hair? My lips are a bit too thick for me to do it myself and I don't want to accidentally cut them." Its just between you girls, and if you want you can take it from a trim to a shave, but it is a perfect chance to give her more of a perfect chance to allow her to check out what she is obviously interested in, and to give you the excuse you are looking for too. Worst case nothing happens or you get a trim and find that less hair is more comfortable, and at best, you will get closer than you ever thought with your daughter, and what could be better than that?

  • Wow wish my mom would do this for me, I would lick her c*** and hope for a 69

  • You should do it one night then when she goes to bed then go and listen at her door to see if shes masturbating, if she just "accidentally" walk in just a towel open at the front

  • I think you confuse your body as some sort of object which you possess, it is no more than dirt and worms that will eat it when you are buried six feet below, if you were in a coma and you were in the hospital your daughter would have seen it all anyway. Dont talk about things like these and dont do things like these, it doesnt mean anything.

  • Shut up

  • What a lovely confession.I am a black guy and enjoy it when I see a woman sitting carelessly and I can see her p**** or panties or whatever.I sure wish you were in my living room. Keep em spread n oozing with hot juices.Your daughter will be doing the same to some guy soon and hes gonna be loving it. She probably masturbates nightly too thinking about your big lips and hairy p****!I wanna suck that p**** and then f*** it for sure after your daughter and I have been stealing glances at it!

  • Yea I agree thats so hot im 15 and I tease my dad all the time like this

  • I agree I'd love for my daughter to see me naked and vice versa but my wife makes sure the doors a always closed I've told her I would eat her to an o***** and then f*** her as she is now 18 and I wanted to when she was 15 but would never go there until she was legal age she hasnt hated me for it but she has become less open with me now not sure what to do but maybe one day her mum will be away and she may want to try if not is what it is

  • I bet you're smoking hot

  • Wish you were MY daughter!

  • Thats f****** hot, you should do it again and ask her if she likes what she sees

  • That was hot I try that but didnt work for me.

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