Peeking under skirts

I like to peek under girls wearing skirts. it turns me on. i love doing it. sometimes i wait at the bottom of the stairs in my school and wait for girls to come down. i get a really nice view from there. nobody has caught me yet! i'm sorry ladies!

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  • When I was in JR High I would hightail it across the building just to walk un this one stairwell behind this one girl who wore the sexiest lace bikini panties and short skirts (it was 1974), and then have to head all the way back to the other side of the building again. She had beautiful thighs and a delicious ass. The following year we moved to the SR High which was all on one floor and I didn't get a chance to look up Denise's skirts any more, but to this day all I have to do is close my eyes and I can see her sweet ass cheeks, in all those hot lacy panties.

  • I love windy days when the skirts or dresses rise high enough to see their panties.
    White is the sexiest colour I love seeing.
    And yes I love up skirts too if behind them when the woman climb the high steps in my local town.
    Love what you wrote.

  • Sounds like something I used to do and like when I was an 8 year old little boy...

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