Strangest situation ever

This is my crazy story/confession that will blow your mind. The following is 100% true.

Chelsea and I are an interracial couple (black woman and white man) and we've been together for 7 years. I'm 23 and she's 25. After such a long time, I proposed, she said yes and so we moved in together. Things were great, I work and she goes to college as we live happy lives...we were "living the dream." As usual, I get up, get dressed and go to work. I'm night shift worker at a Walmart Distribution Center. After 3 hours into my shift, I take my 1 hour break. Breaking normal routine, I did what I never do and go home because I wanted to have dinner with my Fiancee. Little did I know, making that decision would never be forgotten as long as I live.

Being careful not to spook Chelsea, I quietly open my door and walk in. I heard something that sounded like a cycle of wet clothes in a dryer followed by moaning. As what sounded like clothes drying got faster and louder, so did the moaning and screaming. After quick thought, I figured out what was going on. I felt shattered, hurt and angry. I hesitated to move any further as I was scared to see this in action. Part of me wanted to just go back to work and pretend that never happened.

I went down the hallway and stood at the bedroom door for a minute thinking about what to say or do. I opened the door and I start crying uncontrollably. On my bed is my Fiancee lying on her back with her legs spread open for another man as he thrusts deep while he's between her. They both looked at me at the same time. Chelsea quickly sits up immediately apologizing while her lover stands there naked. All I could ask was "why?" After a brief pause to think, with a dreadful tone, her reply was, "I love you so much but my needs aren't being met." "I always wanted to experience a man of my color and I want big d***." She went on to tell me that she's , "sorry to be shallow, but honestly, it gets the job done well, but your d*** is too little to hit the spot." I was at a loss for words and absent minded.

Chelsea's lover sat on the bed next to her and I couldn't stop staring at his p****. It was really big. She saw me staring so she grabbed the shaft and asked, "it's nice and big, huh?" Oddly, I became aroused by this. I sat on the bed quietly as she slowly stroked Jamar's d***. She looked at me as if she was waiting for confirmation. I didn't object so she started s
ucking it. It hurt to see this but I was aroused as well. She sucked it completely erect then he bent her over and put it in her. I watched as his huge c*** went in and out. Listening to her scream turned me on even more. He pounded her p**** for almost an hour before he let out a big moan as he shot his load in her. When he pulled his c*** out, his huge load dripped out. He backed out, catching his breath while she laid on her back and legs spread open still moaning.

In the heat of the moment, I started eating her p**** and sucking his c** out of her. She moaned real loud seeming to be turned on by me guzzling her lover's c**. When I finished, I stayed on my knees near Jamar. As I looked up at him, I opened my mouth so he put his d*** in as I sucked my Fiancees p**** juice off.

After Jamar left, we got cleaned up and had a long talk. I wanted to hate for cheating but I couldn't. She opened me up and I have to admit, the moment when she was honest I HAVE to appreciate. It takes a brave woman to tell a man she thinks his d*** is little. The cheating has been forgiven and we've moved past it. She helped me open up to bisexuality and femininity. We've done several threesomes and experienced a lot. We don't ALWAYS have someone join, we do try with just us. She seems to like a***. Through all of this, we have bonded and formed a perfect friendship.


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  • Lost your Man Card and you broke Guy Code get your ass out there and get a real woman

  • You are a f****** cuckold - I have never understood how men like you can have such low self esteem. Go get some self respect and find a woman who is satisfied by you or who doesn't put s** at the top of her list.

  • Did this place become THE place to make up bullshit?

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