My ex-wife, Janie, was unfaithful to me

My ex-wife, Janie, was unfaithful to me and we were divorced after only about 3 years of marriage. I guess I was to blame because, being immature, I didn't take care of her as I should. I blame myself, not her for what happened to us. I loved her then and I still love her today ... after 31 years. She's happily married (I think), and I wish her well and all the happiness in the world.

Anyway, my confession is that once, while we were separated and before we were divorced, I followed her (she wasn't aware of it) because I had my suspicion that she'd been cheating on me. Well as it turned out, she was.

I followed her to her boss's home where she was staying (as it turned out, he was the one she was f******). I waited for nightfall and climbed over the fence of the man's backyard and looked for a window to peep through. Sure enough, she was there looking for something in the bathroom.

She was wearing a halter top (she has big, round, sexy, beautiful b******, boy do I remember those!) and a short skirt. Something she didn't really like to wear when we were married. She said she was too self-conscious.

I continued to look through this window and her boss (lover by now), came into the bathroom, they looked together briefly and then he took her by her shapely waist and pulled her tight into him and began to tongue kiss her. She returned the favor.

Then he picked her up and carried her out of the bathroom into the bedroom next door. S***! I thought. There is no exposed window in the room next door. I couldn't see inside so I determined that i was going to find a way to find out what was happening in there.

The next day, I broke into his home (picked the lock) and waited, knowing that she would be back there that night. I was right. At 5:45pm she came in from work and went straight to the bathroom for a shower. She came out a half hour later, and dressed in a sexy, black thong and a cupped bra that showed off her t*** really well.

He arrived around 6:30 and he began to stroke her and speak to her very erotically. I was hearing and seeing all this from under a huge bed that was in his bedroom. He went in for a bath and when he came out, I could see him standing by the door of the bathroom when suddenly my wife approach from the other side of the bed and I could see the majority of the bodies standing in the doorway. He began carressing, kissing and fondling her and his towel fell to the floor. I then saw something that both demoralized me and excited me at the same time (is that possible?).

She knelt down in front of him and began to caress, lick and suck his b**** and then his humongous c***!!! Her boss had a BIG C***! She hungrily went at it for a few minutes. Then, he picked her up and placed her his bed. Now, I couldn't see anything anymore, but I sure could hear!!!

I could hear her moaning sounds and the rustling on the bed and the loud sucking sounds he made as he sucked on her luscious b******. I couldn't believe myself, I was actually getting a h****** hearing this idiot sucking on all my wife's bodily parts and her soft moaning only added to my pleasure. You see, I'd never heard my wife moan with anyone else, but me, giving her pleasure. She was enjoying it there was no doubt. I knew at that moment that I had lost her forever. I'd never know that timidly young girl I had known before ever again. She was now another woman tasting the charms of another man. I know that she'd be hooked. I was wrong.

Anyway, to get back to my story, he f***** my wife that night over and over and over again. All I could hear from her was the moaning and an occasional "Do me deep! Put it all the way in. Yes! Oh, Yes!"

I found myself so excited that as the bed moved up and down, I started masturbating while hearing all the sounds of f****** and sucking and moans and wails... I wished so much that I could actually watch her getting f*****... I was enjoying it so much that I came twice that night and ashamedly admitting that I actually enjoyed hearing and watching my wife get nailed by her boss.

She eventually broke it off with him. It was destined not to last. She later told me that she felt like being needed by someone and since it was not working between us he was the first logical choice.

She later came back looking for me admitting that she'd made a mistake and wanted to work it out. By that time, more than a year later, I had already met another beautiful lady to whom I was already engaged to be married.

I must confess though that I still loved her. She told me that she'd respect any decision that I wanted to make because she said that she realized that it wasn't right for her to come now and try to break up what I already had contemplated. I felt so tender toward her at that moment that, and I know it was wrong, I started kissing her and fondling her breast (I missed those knockers soooo much). She allowed me to continue to foreplay with her until I ended up removing her pants, putting her on all fours, and mounting her shapely ass from the rear. I doggied her for about 2 minutes and I shot my load.

I felt bad, for her and for me, because I was already engaged to be married.

Anyway, she went on to eventually marry. We parted ways as friends. I still think about her ocassionally and wonder how her s** life is. She married someone younger that she was.

Wherever you are, Janie, I love you and wish you the best always. I know that you never knew that you broke my heart so much that night that I was under the bed while you were being pleasured by another man. But, I have to admit that at the same time, I was so happy in my heart for you that you were getting what I probably was neglecting giving you. Love you, always!

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