A cold night on the road with a young girl

This happened a few years ago

I live in the sticks, far out from any town and one year we had pretty bad snow.
I had recently finished a shift at work, and driving home it was now about 1:30 am

As I was following my normal route home, I noticed a car off the road with its hazard lights on.
With the blizzard as it was, it was unlikely anyone else would have come this way in hours at this time of night and so I pulled over and got out.
From the car, a short women came running asking me if I could help her. At this point I couldn't tell her age as she was wrapped up in a cute little hat, scarf and coat
She said she had blown a tyre and skidded off the road and that she had been waiting for nearly 2 hours for someone to come by.
I gave her my phone but she couldn't get reception, which is why she hadn't already called for help.
These roads were dark and if you didn't know the road, walking at night would have probably gotten her lost or worse.
I offered to help her change the tyre and together we couldnt get the car onto the road after about 30mins of pushing and digging away the snow.

So I said to her to sit in my car while I tried to get a phone signal so she could keep warm and that there was a gas stove in the boot if she wanted a hot drink.

She said thanks for trying and so we tried to get down the road, but the ice and snow had become almost impossible to drive now and we didn't make it far down the road before we were forced to stop again.

I said I knew the way if she wanted to walk, Id take her to the nearest hotel which was about 8miles away but she said she didn't have any money and that it was too cold she didn't think she could walk it.

We sat in silence for a while, with the heater running and after she had finished her hot coffee from my stash she took off her hat and scarf and for the first time I saw how beautiful she was.

She was young with long black hair and barely looked old enough to drive. I couldn't help myself and I felt my pants buldge which I managed to cover before she noticed.
I asked her what she wanted to do and she said she would probably have to sleep in her car, I said that was a bad idea as there wasn't anyone for miles and she shouldn't be alone.
She gave me a funny look, half sly, half worried and just stared at me.
The girl then said she had a boyfriend as though to warn me off
I said I didn't mean it like that and she said that I did because she noticed my erection when she took off her hat off
I proceeded to say I was too old for her (in my early 30s) and she jokingly asked how old I thought she was
I said 18 and she said yeah......

I asked her how she had passed he driving test so young and she told me shes a fast learner almost as a tease.
At this point she took off her coat, and I got a sight of her body. She only had a T shirt on underneigh which was tight on her small body. I couldn't help but stare and she looked unconfortable again as though she couldn't decide whether to flirt with me or run away, or perhaps she just wasn't very good at it being so young
He hips were small, and I could make out the bones over the tops of her jeans
She didn't say anything, but just sat there staring at me with a small grin on her face.

I leant across to see what she would do and she turned her head away, so that my mouth touched her neck.
She said 'don't' but I knew she wanted to

It took a bit of convincing and I decided to just plunge right in and I went down on her.
She resisted and did try and push me away, but without any real force and laughed when she failed to move me. I pulled off her jeans and ripped her sweet pink underwear off and began eating.
Such a perfect little c*** she had, only a few strands of black hair at all and I could tell it would be a tight fit if I wanted to f*** her
At this point she stopped struggling and quivered throughout the whole time I ate her pussey.
She moaned such a innocent tune and I wonderered how much s** she had even ever had
It actually took a while, but after some time she let out a gasp of breath and tried to push me off but I knew to carry on as she moaned as she came.
Then she shivered and lay still.
She said to me that that had only happened twice before.
I picked up her tight body and took her to the back seat where I undid my trousers and jumped onto her.
She didn't say anything about condoms, so I pushed tried to push myself into her, but she was too tight.
I asked if she was a virgin and she said no.
I tried again and managed to get about halfway in.
She asked me not to come inside her, but it was already too late. I couldn't hold on with such a moist pussey and I let out a load into her young body.

I said it was too late and she sighed, saying how I didn't even f*** her, she got dressed and slept in my car but she didn't speak to me again and left in the morning

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  • So basically it was almost date rape, but you weren't dating. No from a girl is actually a yes, right? And then when you get your chance to actually f*** her you have serious premature e**********? Sucks, doesn't it big guy? lol You are a real t***.

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