Secret times out and home.

My fantasy is to meet someone straight who would dress as a female.
Or a legal aged girl to dress sexy and play the part of my ex-wife.
As love to think I am feeling her body all over while I dressed her in a very short mini dress a top and white panties.
Take her out in the car and then somewhere quiet get my hand inside her bra and then inside her panties.
When fully erect love to share my 8 inch.
I live in the UK and looking for someone to play her part and to tie the hands so I can do anything that I waned.
To get someone in their home on the floor and wash them all over with soapy water.
While having my 8 inch out and in time let the person play with it.

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  • Mmmyes me I dress all the time for men
    love you to f*** me any where and any time
    love your d*** in mouth or bum and I will suck you off
    tara jane I am 19

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