My boyfriend is really sad all the time

This guy that I have been seeing recently is really cute, and I like him and he likes me, but this is my first relationship ever (I'm 16 but just really under experienced), and I'm just looking for a light, fun relationship. But this guy has extreme baggage. And I didn't think I would mind, but its hard being with someone who's sad all the time, and is so depressed they don't even want to talk to you or make attempts to hang out. He feels bad about, he really does, so I don't want to be mean, but some days I just wish he would actually show interest in me. Or actually try to see me. But its hard for me to get what he's going through, so yeah.

Mar 16, 2014

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  • It sounds like he's suffering from depression. By that I mean he has a chemical imbalance in his brain which prevents him from maintaining a positive emotional equilibrium. That's why he has no energy and can't seem to motivate himself to do the simplest tasks. He is not capable of maintaining a relationship right now. No matter how much you give he won't be able to give back. You'll end up exhausting yourself and ultimately resenting him. This isn't something you can help him with, he needs to see a doctor.

  • He needs to talk to or see a mental health doctor(psychologist,psychiatrist) and at 16,please don't make his problems your own. just advise him to see a dr and find some other fun guy,you are only dating or just starting to.You may feel guilty but such is life,if you leave him alone,you would have done him,yourself and your parents a favor.I am an older guy,I work in mental health and have a pretty good idea what I am saying without using jargon.Best of luck.

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