Half Asian Suicidal

I f****** hate myself. My parents destroyed me since I was young. I came out of the womb a failure.

My dad is a weak gangly white boy f***, my mom a white-man chasing, self hating Asian woman, just like every other Asian girl. When I was younger I was considered beautiful and gorgeous but only by white girls, asian girls will find out that I am half Asian and they will lose interest. It's like I'm genetically inferior for just being that. Even my own mom would have wanted nothing to do with asian guys like myself. I feel like a f****** betrayer of Asian guys and a f****** failure.

My mom died because she got Hep C from the C-Section when I was born because my body was too big for her, since Asian women aren't genetically compatible with big white guys.

My brother is borderline suicidal and a head case with no prospects at age 30 because my insane mother destroyed him mentally with her abuse and my weak father never did anything to raise us as men. what the f*** would he know about being an asian man anyways.


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  • Fake confession, to seek attention

  • I feel sorry for you, dont take your mothers issues on board, move on, you deserve to be happy...its your mothers stuff you took on board, not your stuff....just forget about her, pray for her, but forget about her, after all think of all the other people out there with crazy mothers, your not the only one, maybe you should go to a support group where there are similar people to you in it? ive had quite a few friends who were abused by their mothers and hate their mothers now, but the difference is they have moved on and are happy now because they were in therapy and had helpful friends who had been through similar issues.

  • Hey, man take it easy. Travel the world find a good town and be yourself. Youre a blessing not acurse.

  • The only women on Earth more beautiful than Asian are half-Asian. Seriously. I would offer to f*** you in a heartbeat if you were in Detroit right now.

  • Do u even read?

    The poster is male, so either u are homosexual, or trolling for the lulz

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