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I listened to your new recording - you always were a great singer. But you forgot me. I was kicked to the hills. Recognition of my existence would be nice. You f***** my self confidence entirely and then just... left! REPLACED. REPLACED REPLACED REPLACED. You have no idea what you did to me I can't trust ANYONE I'm scared of EVERYONE. Best friend... yeah, ok.

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  • Please don't allow the selfish arrogance of that other a****** to change your attitude about our life or about other people in your life. Be angry at that other a******, really let it out, but not in view of anyone else. Anger is an understandable and acceptable emotion. Bitterness, on the other hand (which is what anger becomes, left to fester), is not. Be p*****, for as long as it takes. Then move forward, and leave that cretin in the past, allowing karma to do its work.

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