"But then I got high..."

When I found out my male friend smoked pot, it reminded me that I smoked pot at his age too. I'm going to warn you about how it ** up my life, how I still see the hallucinations and sleep with the lights on, how the nightmares come every once in a while, how I've lost a dangerous amount of weight, and how I'm so ** up in the head that I'm still surprised I get up every morning and people think I'm 'normal'.

Deep down, though, in the darkest reaches of my mind's eye, I dream about taking advantage of him when he's high.

I'm scared of myself.

We're both males and he's younger than me.

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  • you never smoked bud in your life weed doesn't do any of that to you. your just an old wrinkled pervert. and just because he's stoned doesn't mean you'll be able to take advantage of him moron its not like being drunk you still think straight and have all your motor skills when your stoned he'll probably kick your ** **.

  • 4 up. You are thinking of meth.

  • That was def. NOT normal weed. I think they laced your **.

  • I'd never smoke pot. Ever. And you know what? When you're 40 and your teeth are rotting out of your **' head, I'm still gonna be hot ** (because I keep myself in shape too, a lot easier to do when you're not panting, with munchies), just like my mom was.

  • The OP never smoked anything other than a **.
    That's what this confession is really about.

  • lmao really, what you smoked either wasn't pot or it was laced with some LSD.
    **, I don't even smoke pot and know you got some strange stuff.

  • Don't take advantage of him sounds like ** to me

  • I don't know what YOU were smoking but it doesn't sound like regular weed. You are abnormal.

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