That I think America has serious problems. I am armed but not hostile toward government just the extreme socialist elements. I have networked with some extreme types but am not fully on board. I think the country is ok but am concerned about next prez if he does more extreme thinys or does not give up power. We are approaching a breaking point perhaps. . Or maybe just a bit of paranoia. Just waiting to see.

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  • Hi from 2018! Yes, we are near a breaking point-- but wait, stop touching yourself for a moment, it's not because of "socialist elements" but because of a spoiled man-child who loves Russians and Arabs (the rich ones anyway).

    Teabillys like you are NOT the only ones who are armed-- you're just the ones who stroke your piece like it's a second (and actually prominent) d0ng. If SHTF, you will find that out the hard way.

  • It's not paranoia, you have that feeling because something made you feel that way. America is not alright. It has many major problems wrong with it that are just hiding waiting for the right time to blow up in its face. America's people are just too busy minding what this country and that country is doing to realize that their own country is not as stable as they pretend it is. It's sad that no one wants to see it, so that it can be fixed before something serious happens.

  • It's paranoia. I am a frequent visiter to several political blogs, from both the right and left, and it's the same handful of people on each blog. But this is a country of 330 million, and most of us are happy. "Protests" these days draw only a few thousand people at best, half of whom are just young people with nothing better to do.

    Everything's going to be fine.

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