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I'm 16 years old and I'm a girl and I'm the oldest of 2 boys one is about to be 14 and the other is 7. this is hard to say but I been thinking about "hurting" myself and I already cut myself and to me that's not helping at all. I been trying to think of a good way to tell my family but I don't want my mom or grandmother its their fault which its not I just been having these thoughts since 7th grade and I want to tell them but something happen tonight. Tonight I heard my mom and stepfather fighting and my mom went back in their bedroom and when my stepfather went on there he saw that my mom had a knife in her hands and she said you leaving me so what's the point of staying and I was listing the whole time and I'm like wow she care about a men leaving her but not her 3 kids that's really low to me and that hurt me really but and like I really want to go right in there and say you care about a men leaving you but you didn't know that I been hurting myself and there's scars to show too. But sometimes I'm like whats the point of telling her. I just want to tell my mom and grandmother that I want help but I don't live with my grandmother and it seem like that my mom cares about a man leaving her than me and I'm scared that next I cut myself that it would be bad. :( What should I do about it?

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  • Tell your school councelor. He or she might be abe to help you.

  • Just letting you know my thoughts are with you. Look for positives

  • I can't understand what you are going through, all I can say is I was in a similar situation over 10 years ago. I know how horrible life can be when things are broken at home and how easy it is to downward spiral. What helped me was volunteering, it seems odd but I volunteered at a homeless shelter, it made me feel better about myself, helped me to make life decisions that lifted me up.
    You cant erase the hurt that life can bring, but you can prove that you are stronger than most by working through it and standing taller despite it.

  • Definitely DON'T hurt yourself. This includes cutting, drinking, doing drugs anything that brings you down or can hurt you. It's important to learn to talk about what you're feeling. Because what you have to say and what you're feeling are important and valid. If you're not comfortable speaking with your mom, grandmother or to a counselor. Even try keeping a journal, writing music or something to express yourself. The part about you hurting yourself, sounds like you could be dealing with some depression. Given your age, hormones can cause all types of mood shifts so be sure to take care of yourself and exercise and eat healthy. It also may be a good reason to go speak with your doctor. As for your mom. What a terrible thing to witness. As much the adults in our lives should know better to set good examples to children, your mom is human. And so yes, the episode with your mom is a really poor example and you seem to know that. Your mom would have to explain her self and actions to you. But a good guess would be that your mom has a low self esteem and thinks that a man improves her self worth. Could it help her if you said something. Sure..why not. Because she is so wrapped up in the relationship, she is oblivious from how her actions are affecting her children. There's not really a black and white answer to tell you and sorry if some of these things sound cliche. The teen years are challenging, some are more challenging than others. But you sounds incredibly strong and smart and just keep asking for help.

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