My confession is im obsessed with bands.This might not seem like a confession but ill explain.I really love Nirvana and blink-182.I get depressed and sometimes cry while watching documentaries on Nirvana cause seeing Kurt Cobain.He was and still is awesome in my opinion and just to think he committed suicide breaks my heart.As for blink-182 they have really cute and hot band members.Especially Tom Delonge or Mark Hoppus.The bad thing is they are in there 30s and one is in their 40s.They were hot in the 90s and still are even though they are in their 40s and 30s.I also cry cause blink-182 is going through a band breakup.Is this strange?

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  • I am probably the biggest blink fan too. Even tho I am a 28yr old parent now I still have giant framed posters in my bedroom. I used to joke to my son that Tom is his daddy lol I cried too when I saw the stuff they put on fb and twitter. Breaks my heart that a band that i have loved for over 10years is breaking.

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