Wasting away

My mother has stage four cancer that I want to tell my family about. But the burden is not mine. I am nearly 30 with no kids and i feel guilty that i have lived my life wanting my mother to be less intrusive i feel like i should cry more, scream more, laugh more, but i can't im frozen in time behind shock and disbelief waiting for reality to shatter the emergency glass of tears.

today is all you have stop wasting time.

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  • Your not wasting away your there for your mother and you will be rewarded from God . He has a plan for you and right now he wants you to take care of your mother .
    I personally think you need to tell the family she is at stage 4 and if she
    passes away and family finds out you new this and didn't tell them you are going to have problems .
    I highly recommend you tell your family even if mom says no . she has to understand that you can not hold this from them it's unfair to you and to the family .

  • I'm so sorry. I totally agree with you about stop wasting time. And a sick relative shouldn't be the catalyst. We should all be screaming, laughing, living and loving more. I have too many friends who have lost their parents/siblings to cancer. In speaking with them, they have all have said that regardless of their relationships; they all cherish the time they spent before their passing. Please spend as much time with your mother as you can and say whatever you need to say. Ask questions while you can. Maybe even record her for your future children. Put your differences aside. I will say one friend found going to a support group was a huge help to deal with understanding the disease and also processing through the grief. Best of luck to you and your family.

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