Hispanic Women Turn Me On

I have lived in two states with lots of Hispanic women and worked with some.I like the fact that they are hard working,cook good at home and like to have many kids,generally. I just wanna hook up with one and have many bi-racial kids with her.I have only slept with two,who were already done having kids. Whenever I ask one out she either says she is married,not interested or does not speak good english.Sometimes I wonder if its because they may not be into black men in general or its just me.

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  • I think they might not be into dating out of the race in general, I had a friend who could have been more, but he crashed all of that when he told me he only dated hispanic people. I guess a lot of them are only into having a family within the Hispanic community. Good luck and I hope you find one that isn't like that.

  • Serious question: How is that not racist? If we were talking about [white] women here, everybody would be losing their minds. But no, that's not how this world works. Hispanics aren't racist, they just want to maintain "purity". No double standards going on here!!

  • I think you are right.Thanks and good luck to you too.

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