I want to c** on my mormon friends face. But it will never happen because shes too good a mormon to bang a guy she isnt married to. Were real good friends and one time i was waiting in the car while she ran into the store at night and i j******* and wiped my j*** on places around her car.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • have s** with children? sounds like your brain "got a little warped somewhere along the line"...probably inbreeding...im sick of dumb s**** like you talking about s*** they have no idea about.

  • Ewww, why would you wipe your j*** in her car? That is gross. You are a sicko buddy!

  • I don't think that j*** is close to that new car smell.

  • I was gonna comment but the man above me said all that needs to be said. Good work.

    Rack the Jipper

  • Wait until she falls asleep while you guys are watching "Davy and Goliath," then sneak up behind her and whack off until you send a big glob across her pretty face. When she wakes up with your j*** running down her cheek, just say it happened while you were asleep and dreaming about heaven. But to reassure her, tell her you saw her there with you in the heavenly kingdom.

  • So, let me get this straight, Mormons don't s**** adults who they aren't married to, but they will have s** with children? I guess those "magical plates" got a little warped somewhere along the line.

  • you're sick

  • She sounds like a smart girl


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