Need dating advice

I am dating a cripple and I 'm not sure if I'm doing it for her or me... to make me look good or cause I pity her... either way it's bad... she is very eccentric... says a lot of weird things... amkes me feel weird, I don't find her attractive, but she is such a good person, with a bad life... i don't want to hurt her feelings for my own selfishness.

Oct 18, 2012

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  • Maybe your first step is to not refer to her as a cripple. If you don't find her attractive or you're not attracted to her, that's an honest statement. If you're dating her because you feel sorry for her, then you're already hurting the both of you. Just because someone is in a wheelchair, or has a disability doesn't mean they have a terrible life. They just have other challenges. Love is love. And if she doesn't find it with you, she'll find it with someone else who notices her, before they notice the disability. You said she's eccentric and says weird things..sounds like she has a lot of confidence and is not letting her disability stand in her way. So if you don't want to date her, then don't. Show some respect and break up with her, like any girl you would normally date. Just don't drag this on...

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