Jelly Belly

Jelly Belly

It was my friend's birthday, and we all friends gathered there. And as usual my friend called his girlfriend too in that party, her name was lily and she was much chubby. She was even taller than my friend, and she used to have good sense of humor. On that day we mate each other, and since then we started talking on mobile. After talking to her for few days I understood that She is a Belly Fetish. So I started first and one day asked her.

ME:- Hello, lily do you like belly? I mean Stomach.?!

She jumped and replied

LILY:- yes, yes! Why you are asking me this question?

ME:- Because I love your Belly and it's so Soft but Big and beautiful round chubby.

LILY:- I also love Stomach but in other way and I guess you won't like it. Because none of my boyfriends liked it and even they walked away from me for this reason.

ME:- no, no! Tell me what do you like about Stomach.?? it doesn't matter for me..!?!!

LILY:- someday I'll tell you for now bye.!!

and she disconnected the call and for long time she didn't called me.

One sunday morning suddenly she called me and asked me to come far away from our house. That place was universal lovers park and it was a perfect place and beautiful place.

So we entered inside the park and we purchased many foods because inside the forest there are no food stall.

Then after walking deep inside it was totally empty place and only big big trees are there every where. Then we stopped there and we sat down on the grass. After talking a while I asked her

ME:- Why you didn't called me for so long?

LILY:- I was waiting for a Perfect Day to talk with you,

LILY:- You asked me about Stomach, so today i'll show you how I like to use stomach.

Then she pushed me on the ground and slowly She SAT ON MY STOMACH. She Sat Her Full Weight on my Belly and she was eating her food by Sitting on my Stomach.

ME:- I can't breathe, please get off me. You are too heavy.

Then she sat on my belly with more pressure and said me.

LILY:- This is what I like about Belly and I want you to sit on my Belly now. Hope you enjoyed my full weight on my stomach.

The I sat on her big round belly, And as soon as I sat her belly totally goes inside.

LILY:- My Belly is Jelly Belly so it's very soft, sit properly on my stomach with your full weight and see more inside my Belly will go.

I sat on her Jelly Belly with my full weight and she was enjoying my Squashing and laughing. She ate all the foods by keeping me on her belly, after few time I stood up and her belly inflated again.

We become a very good friend and our hidden relation is going on still now.
She is no longer with my friend and she had many boyfriends after that. Many time I'm sitting on her belly and she is talking on mobile with her different boyfriends. All her boyfriends are not belly fetish.

Try to find a Jelly Belly and Sit on it to take the full Pleasure.

bye !!!

May 1, 2017

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