I once broke into a guy's home (he

I once broke into a guy's home (he was s******* my wife [ex now] at the time). Neither of them knew that I was aware of it.

She used going to the laundromat to wash clothes, the store, visit a friend, etc, as a pretext for being with him and getting her brains f***** at least once a week. I think she thought I was too stupid to find out.

I broke into his home and watch my wife get really h**** and wet with this guy while sitting on his lap (on the couch). I was lucky that where I was hiding I had a near perfect view of her and him from the front.

As I watched her get all worked up and sexed up, I got turned on, too! I watched as he kissed her passionately, while he fingered her neatly shaved p****. He took his time opening it up and I could virtually smell her s** odors in the room...

Man! She started to moan and grind her p**** into his fingers as he gently probed .... first her p**** and then her ass.

He later put her over the sofa .... lifted her skirt up and began to munch on her ass and her v****... damn! She looked so hot! (Yes, my wife looked so hot being eating out by another man ... Yes! I enjoyed it and still do to this day as I remember the scenes.)

Call me crazy but I couldn't help myself ... as I watched I became so turned on that I start to m*********... I closed my eyes and for a while only listened to her moans and groans.

She used language with this dude that I'd never heard come out of her mouth... Like, "take me, I'm your b****!" "Open me really wide, papi... open me wide... yes, like that ... oohhh, yes!"

While he was eating her from the rear (she was draped over the back of his sofa) I swore that she looked my way and for a moment I thought that she had seen me!!! However, she couldn't have seen me even if she wanted to since her eyes were closed most of the time and when she did open them, they were glazed over and l***-filled.

I had never seen her pretty face from the front like that while she was enjoying pleasures in the rear. Her smile and glazed, crossed-eyes told me she was in pleasure heaven.

"Oh, yes!" was all that would come from her mouth.

After a moment of that she yelled, "Ooooohh" and then violently shook for what seemed like a whole minute.

She then proceeded to ride him on the couch... wow! What a sight! Another thing I had never seen was her getting f***** from a rear vantage point. I could see this guy's thick (although not huge) c*** going in and out of my wife's p****... At that sight, I had to shoot my load. I decided to shoot it right into this guys carpet...

Of course, that's the worst I did ... yet that night, he f***** my wife like a b**** s*** and worse of all ... she totally enjoyed it.

I still remember that night and have always wondered whether I should have ever told her that I saw her in the throes of pleasure with another man... and that I jacked off to her moanings as I watched her.

Should I have told her?

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  • yeah go ahead and tell her look...you'll like an idiot

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