I have a weird obsession :/

Okay well I'm 16 and I lost my virginity about 6 months ago. I lost it to my boyfriend at the time who just happened to have a twin brother. They were identical so obviously if I thought my boyfriend was hot I thought his twin was too. So one night I saw my x's twin and I started talking to him and I was drunk so I asked if we could f*** just one more time and he played it off like he was my x. So we f***** and I went home after and texted him the next morning about it and he was confused and I found out it was his brother. So then I went over their house to straighten it out and next thing I know they were running a train on me. One d*** in my ass. One in my p****. And it felt amazing! I loved it! So since then ive let a ton of guys do trains on me. I'm at the point were Ive had situations were I had a d*** in my ass, p****, mouth, and both hands. I enjoy it alot! I think I'm a s** addict, and I'm only 16. WTF! And I watch an excessive amount of p*** and m********* every chance I get. is this bad? Cause idk. I love s**.

Aug 24, 2011

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  • Thats hot...you should keep it up

  • Enjoying s** isn't bad at all, in and of itself; in fact, it's quite healthy, really. The point at which s** becomes unhealthy (as in, an addiction) is when the s** begins to take over, consuming your body and mind to the near exclusion of everything else in your life that used to make you happy (or, at least content). If or when life functionality is impacted, that's a big red flag, and should be taken seriously!

    The only other element of this that might be worrisome is the fact that you're 16, and lost your virginity only 6 months ago. Most girls your age are still getting up the nerve to do anything sexual at all, and you've burst from the gate like you're in the sexual version of the Kentucky Derby. Slow dooooooowwwn, Killer! Think: moderation. It's great that you're wanting to explore all the wonderful things our bodies can do and feel, and that you love it--this is normal, actually. But there's no need to over do it in my humble opinion. :)

  • Well, I guess it depends on what country she's from.

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