39 year old chronic masturbation addict

Hi all, my name is James and i am a 39 year old chronic masturbation addict. I remeber that i started to m********* every

day at the age of 6 when masturbation was just an "unconscious" habbit that i did 2-3 times every day to make my body feel

good when i had nothing else to do during the day. At the age of 9 i started to collect p*** photos from adult magazines

that i found at the garbage of a local store that sold magazines of this kind. Looking at these photos made me very

excited because i knew they were "restricted area" to me and my p**** started to get constantly erected during the day and

thus i had the urge to m********* 4-5 times every day to feel satisfied. By the age of 12 i started to e******** and to

watch with friends of mine some p*** video tapes secretly from adults and this new excitment raised the number of every

day masturbation to 6-7. Finding new ways to get my p**** hard (peeping at my sister in the shower and toilet and other

girls at the locker room, masturbating with other boys my age, and together with the old habbits to collect p*** photos

and watch p*** video tapes, i raised ever more the number of my every day masturbation to 8-10 times per day (my "record"

until i got 18 was 15 times in one day). At the age of 19 i started to use some s** toys to m********* (including a***

play with d*****) which made my p**** rock hard and my masturbation addiction to minimum 10 times every day. From 19 and

up today i still mastutrbate about 10 times every day. I have to mention that i am still a virgin and never had a

relationship with a girl in my life. Masturbating constantly as a child, a teen and an adult got me caught red handed by

my mother and my older sister many times. My mother punished me several times by spanking me and leaving me with no

clothes out on the porch to give me a lesson and my sister "owned" me by blackmailing me to tell my mother that i

masturbated with her panties and so i had to do her some favors like cleaning her room and m********* in front of her

friends when they had the urge to see a p**** at their teen years. I never learned my lessons though because all these

punishments just fed my addiction to m********* in every chance. I wanted to ask if there are other people out there like

me, if i must make an effort to cut back masturbation time and if i m considered a pervert after all these years.

Thank you for your patience and i will appreciate every answer or comment.


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  • Me too! When I was 14 the most I went was 21times In a row without growing flaccid. I’m 28 now and to like the time at 14 wanted to see how long could go before flaccid or emptying out. I lost count. During my pubescent years normal was about 14-16x a day. I discovered it by skinny dipping at 13 and then drying off and I couldn’t stop my hand once I dried off my junk. It felt good and I was on the dock and My knees buckled and I tried to get my hand to stop but it wouldn’t. And then I literally just fell down in a jolt and flopped on the deck like a fish with c** spurting everywhere. Heck I remember I went in my math class in freshman year accidentally. I was sitting in the front row and The teacher luckily just dropped her jaw in disbelief. I kind of looked at her. I’m just as shocked as you teacher. She turned and continued lecturing. I would go to the bathroom in high school one time a day just to get it out. I remember another time I got bold and didn’t do it in the stall. No one was in there and I laid down some brown paper towels on the floor in a line. Took off my shirt and put it in the stall and Pulled down my pants and underwear (boxers) to my ankles and went at it. I decided to just enjoy myself and if another kid walked in so be it. And wasn’t going to hide it. But the thrill of not knowing ( when doing this everyday at school - turned into 2-3x) if I would finish before someone came in made it that much more thrilling. And everyone before long shot a stream that extended across the bathroom on the paper towels. No one ever came in. (Sadly)

  • I love to m*********! The most times I've ever masturbated to o***** in one day is 7 or 8.

    I' not that much into p***. I m********* a lot to my female friends and to women I see on the street or the beach. I love to take pictures of them to m********* to.

    I love being a masturbator. I am glad I am that in touch and that unashamed and unembarrassed about that part of my sexuality. It's good to hear our story and realize I am not alone.

  • In my prime, my teenage years, I could get off 5-6 times in a row without every going flaccid in between. Now I am in my 30s, in a sexless marriage, and I usually j*** off every other day. It just helps me sleep a little better I find. It's not nearly as enjoyable as it used to be. Sometimes it's even more like a chore - something I feel like I have to do to get it out of my system.

  • Gosh, there for a moment, I thought you were going to report that you were jerking your meat 30 times per day.

  • My record is actually 18 times in 24 hours...almost 1 e********** every hour...but in ordinary days i e******** 10-12 times

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