Miss my sister

I used to be close with my sisters, best friends. Last year my hubby and I decided to travel for a few months and rent our house to my sister and her friend (for a lot less than the mortgage we were paying). They gave us grief from the first day on, I personally blame her friend who wanted to ruin my relationship with my sister. But when we talked to my sister she just lies and takes all the blame. We havent been able to kick out her friend eventho shes not on the lease. And now since my hubby and I had a chat with my sis, she wont talk to me or anything. When we are both at my parents house she treats me like a stranger. I miss her and my hubby and my parents all think this friend isn't good for her but she will defend her over everything. I hope she opens her eyes and sees how she has changed for the worst this past year and how her friends influence has a lot to do with it.

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  • The agreement was with your sister, not her friend. Was it verbal or was there a written lease or agreement? What were the terms? Only a few months or month to month? You do have rights, where this illegal tenant is concerned. Is this person actually paying rent to you? You can give her notice to vacate. Check the laws in your city. If there wasn't a lease and she's not paying rent. Put a lock on her door. Pack up her stuff and change the locks, get a security system installed. And if she comes near your property, call the cops and have her arrested for trespassing. Stop letting her walk all over you. Of course, first ask her nicely to leave. Giver her a 30 day notice and make sure it's documented. If she refuses, then toughen up. This is business..this isn't about friendship. Tell your sister and her that you and your husband would like your house back. Curious, are those two sleeping with each other? I don't understand, if your sister isn't speaking with you why would the friend even want to live in the same house as you? You've said your peace. She knows how you feel, stop the blame game. As for your sister, who knows what the friend's true agenda is but your sister likes her. Hopefully, she will realize that family is important and that you two can begin to repair your relationship. In the meantime, as much as you don't like that friend (or even a boyfriend) accept and respect that your sister does.

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