My mother in law

So my mother in law moved in a month ago and recently she began to only wear night clothes around the house. One afternoon I came home and my mother in-law was resting on the sofa. As I walked passed I noticed her breast were hanging half way out. I gained a sudden attraction to her. An odd urge consumed me. I pulled out my c*** and softly rubbed it against her palm, which was right above her head. My heart began to pound as my erection formed. Her soft skin and calm face gave me a rush hard to explain. As I pulled back and e********* into my palm, I felt the rush increase.

May 26, 2014

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  • My mother-in-law gave the most incredible b******* I've ever had. We had a four-plus-year affair and would still be together if she hadn't gotten sick and could no longer have s**.

  • I visited my GF and later wife at her house. her mom put us on the sofa bed down stairs. She said I don't want to her the s** all night next door. I found that shocking, her daughter was only 17 at the time.
    She was comfortable with it, and we had s**. I noticed her mom at the top of the steps. She watched us have s**, and the after part.
    The next morning she walked in the bathroom while I was in the shower. I am in here she said, I heard the pee running from her and looked around. She stood up and looked in the shower. Nice ass she told me, and I know you can use it.
    She opened her robe and ask me what I thought. To be honest she looked hot. She told me any time, any time, and walked out.
    Every time she gets a few drinks she wants to hold my c***. wants to have s**. I let her hold it, I don't have s**. She sucked it for a while one night. She tried to turn around and put it in her, I did not let her. She pushed against me and rubbed it between her legs and her c***.

  • I have a sort of s**-crush on my son-in-law. He has no idea how I feel of course, and I go to some lengths to hide my desire from my daughter. And from my husband. But I've always thought that if he ever made a move, he wouldn't have to move very far because I would be ALL OVER HIM!!.

  • if my son in law had done that to me i would have grabbed his c*** and sucked it. and then i would have f*****. in fact i would still be f****** him and we would be having the nastiest affair ever.

  • Damn girl as hot as you are if you were my m-i-l i would f*** you every time you asked for it and every time i needed some good p****! you are amazing!

  • You my kind of mother-in-law,I wish I were married n you were my mother in law,to love hold,suck, f*** and cherish!

  • thats very kind of you seriously! you made my day! ive never done that with any of my actual sons in law (i have three daughters and a son and all of them are grown and gone from the nest). but i did have a short fling with one of my daughter's ex-husband right after they got separated because we had both been having bad cases of the filthy hots for each other even while they were married but never did anything about it except flirt and swear to god that if one of us ever got divorced we would be the "first f***" after the family connection was over. i love the idea of having a promised "first f***": its just like being engaged to somebody while your already still married to somebody else! (i was a first f*** a couple of other times and i loved the feeling of being promised.) anyway after he and my daughter got divorced the fling became a serious affair and it lasted until he got remarried and his new wife started to get nosy and we were both afraid she was about to catch us so we decided to stop even though we totally did not want to stop. we f***** a few times after that and it was still good but it just wasnt the same without the family risk and without seeing each other as regular. anyway i know thats some major t.m.i. so i wont bore you anymore with that. but thanks again for flattering an older lady. :)

  • Wow......your f****** hot!!!!

  • too sweet! but no i'm just me. if i WAS hot then i would say the h*** with it and f*** the son in law i was talking about originally. he's married to my middle daughter and HE is the hot one, i mean g*******! but the man won't give me the sexual time of day. that's why i said at first that if he did to me what this OP did to HIS mother in law i would suck that f****** d*** and then start f****** it and never stop. that son in law of mine has no idea how bad i want him to drop the morality and take my ass for a f****** ride! LOL! thanks again hun!

  • Thank you for sharing your thoughts, its hot to read it

  • You're going to get caught, and then you're going to get shot.

  • ^ yep ^ she definitely want you to hit it

  • You need to start tappin' that ass. Tappin'!!!

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