I was forced to go into public as a woman

Yes, I was forced to go in public dressed as a woman, but not in the way you are probably thinking. I was not threatened with violence or anything like that but I was forced, none the less.

I am a BBW CD gurl. I have dressed to some degree ever since I tried on my older sister's bra and panties when I was about 11. I was 46 almost 47 when the incident I am about to tell you about happened and am now 59. From age 11 right up to the time of this incident, my greatest fear was that someone would see me dressed as a woman.

Around this time of my life I began to get urges to go outside my home dressed, something I had made a point of not doing before. I then began to stop on the way home from work every Tuesday, and fill my car with gas go home and get all dolled up and just get out and ride around a few hours dressed. Any time I was doing this I would put a pair of men's jogging pants, a pullover shirt and a pair of shoes in a shopping bag and toss it in the back seat of my car, just in case I got in a spot I needed to change for whatever reason.

In the beginning I stayed pretty close to home, usually within 15 miles or so. As the weeks went on without incident I began to venture further and further out. After doing this for 4 or 5 weeks with no issues, one Tuesday night I had ran a bit later getting home than I intended and in my rush to get gone, forgot to pick up the bag of clothes I always took along. I was on my way home and within 4 or 5 miles of my house before I discovered what I had done.

Thoughts of this oversight made a huge rush come over me! Knowing I had been out for 4 hours and as much as 60 or 70 miles from home with no access to any clothing except the panties, bra, mini skirt and top and heels I was wearing was beyond exciting. The next week I intentionally left the house without any clothes except what I was wearing. I used the fact that my car was practically new and the chance I would have any kind of trouble was almost zero to justify my decision but looking back, I think it had more to do with trying to replicate the rush I got the week before.

That night went off okay, as did the next 2 or 3 weeks, but I kept going out a little further each week . Then one Tuesday evening a friend called me just as I was leaving the parking lot at work and we talked until I was about a quarter mile from my house. I then went in, got ready and came back to my car and headed out. I was about 100 miles from home when I looked down and noticed I hadn't filled my tank and my fuel gauge was on E. I was on the interstate at the time so I took the next exit and then pulled in the parking lot of a restaurant that was closed to try and devise a game plan. At first I thought I could just use my bank Mastercard and pay at the pump, but then I discovered when I had placed an order online for a skirt the night before I laid it on the table beside me. This could have been much worse though, I did have my wallet and I did have around $100 cash in my wallet.

At that point I knew I had no choice but to go to a station, go inside and pay for my gas and go back and pump it. I got to looking and seen there was a BP station almost directly across the street and it looked like there was only one car there. I started my car and drove over and parked at pump 1. I got out, straighten the skirt I was wearing as best that I could and walked 150 feet or so from my car to the door and went inside. I went directly to the counter and in my best female voice said I need $20 on pump 1. The guy behind the counter was 30ish and didn't seem to notice anything out of the ordinary though I'm sure he did. Unfortunately, the same couldn't be said for an older couple, probably mid 60's who was customers in the store. They were starring at me, laughing and talking to each other like I might be standing there in my birthday suit. I paid for my gas and got out of there as quickly as I could, went back to my car and pumped my gas. The couple was just coming out of the store when I was getting in my car to leave. This night ended my little Tuesday night road trips.

Mar 31

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  • So wonderful to get gas dressed! Love the rush

  • Because you are. There are only 2 genders. What are you? A bacteria? Stop living in a fantasy. We're all tired of it.

  • F*** em man! I bet you're well fit! If I saw a BBW CD looking awkward at a gas station I'd start chatting! I love CDs. Get your confidence back and don't go so far and make sure you've got your card next time. By the way I'm bi. X

  • Bi is bs. Pick either one. You people are hypocrits. That's why in reality, we ignore you. You need help. Eventually you end up straight or with a lesbian, but you 2 will hate each other once Jesus returns.

  • More fool them!!!! Please return to your enjoyment of crossdressing it is wonderful , I know, I do it all the time and I'm very naughty!!!!

  • I agree, it is wonderful wearing beautiful lingerie and stockings under a silky flouncy feminine dress or skirt and see-through blouse showing your bra.
    I have dressed as female since my teens and am a very female looking male, slim, and only 5' 6" and of course I'm homosexual who is now in his sixties.
    I have a married lover, who is also my neighbour. He adores the way I dress and I adore the things he does to me, he's very randy!!

  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHA no one takes you pervs seriously

  • I started the transition gender wise MTF when I was in between elementary and middle school and kind of dressed half boy (boy's underpants" and halfway girl. After my acceptance by the end of fifth grade I was voted both was the "The Best Dressed Boy Girl" at my new middle school, so cool!

  • Your school is controlled by demons. Find Jesus and stop being gay

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