I shop at Whole Food to avoid poor people

I'm sorry, hope I didn't offend anyone.

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  • I shop at a place that is not Whole Foods to avoid pretentious stupid fucktards :)

  • Lol you stupid

  • I've been to one state fair and a rodeo, but this is still the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

  • I visited my first traders joes while traveling. Up scale women with gangs of children. One woman looked upset with the kids, they had her upset. I ask if I could help? she cried. She said the kids were going to the sitter when she left. She needed a drink and a massage. She came back to my motor home, she got the drink the massage and more. I hope she took some protection, or she may be with another child.
    Her statement was trader joes helped her stay away from rude people.

  • Big long c*** in the HIV infected ass slot...

  • You rich malevolent fist f*****! How did you know that I was poor? Lmao! Seriously though. SERIOUSLY?????

  • You obese F***ing mule,i hope you have a heart attack soooooo big.it kills your whole F***ing family.

  • WTF is wrong with you?

  • Nothing,i just want to let the world know that it is more messed up than I am.

  • I don't shop at Whole Foods to avoid becoming poor. The only people who waste their money at that place are idiots, regardless of how much money they have.

  • ^ AMEN ^

  • Absolutely so. Their products are the most overpriced in the country: not just in the grocery business, but ANY business. It's ridiculous.

  • Where I'm from we call them "Whole Paycheck" cause that what it takes to shop there. A lot of people apparently ignore the multiple studies showing "organic" foods are no more healthy or beneficial than cheaper, reuglar foods.

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