My cuckold fantasy

I have this fantasy that I have a girlfriend and I bring my younger but stronger and better looking best friend to meet her. Immediately she starts complimenting him and telling him how much stronger he looks than me. She starts dropping the insults and belittling comments about me to my best friend. She tells him what a wimp I am and how even she beats me at arm wrestling. She says she wants to see if how much stronger my friend is than me.
So he easily beats me at arm wrestling then she says she wants to see him kick my ass. I already know my friend is much stronger than me and can easily kick my ass so I know I better not put up much resistance. When we start wrestling my girlfriend gets really turned on. She cheers my friend on to beat me, kick my ass and put me in my place. He easily does since I'm such a short, little wimp. Finally my friend has me in a choke hold and pinned to the ground. He says he won't let me go until I yell that I surrender. Knowing there's not much I can do and seeing my girlfriend is already hot and wet I yell that I surrender. My friend lets go and I drop to the ground gasping for air.
My girlfriend calls me every name she can think of telling me what a pathetic wimp and poor excuse for a man I am. She tells my friend that I need to be reminded of how pathetic I really am. So he tells me to get on all fours. They both order me to bark like a dog and start laughing hysterically when I do.
While I'm on all fours my friend and girlfriend take turns kicking me in my ass as hard as they can. After I fall flat on the ground my friend tells me to get on my feet and turn around and face him and my girlfriend. As I stand before them they tell me to bow down to both of them. They tell me to keep bowing down until they tell me to stop. After about a hundred bows I am so dizzy I beg them to let me stop. They laugh and say ok but now I have to kneel before them.
So now I kneel before them and they sit in front of me. They order me to take their both of their shoes and socks off. when I do they order me to kiss their feet. My girlfriend tell me to lick every inch of both her feet and suck her toes. While I'm sucking she wiggles her toes in my mouth and she pulls down my friends fly and starts blowing him. While she's blowing him he pulls her pants down and orders me while still on my knees to kiss her ass. I start kissing every inch of her ass while she blows my friend. My girlfriend lets out a few strong farts in my face while I do this.
While I'm kissing my girlfriend's ass my best friend blows a load in her mouth. She swallows it all saying how good it tastes and how great it is to finally have a real man c** in her mouth. She tells him that by swallowing his load a part of him is now inside her forever. She wants a piece of a real man instead of her pathetic boyfriend. After I c** I can't c** again for several hours. Not my strong, stud of a best friend. He asks her if she's ready to have a real man c** inside her. She laughs and says yes. She then pulls down my pants to show my friend how pathetically small my d*** is. he has a good laugh then my girlfriend tells me to strip naked. I do as commanded and she tells me to sit in the chair and watch what it's like for a real man to take her.
I ask her if it would be ok if I pleasure myself while I watch since that will be the only action I'm going to get. She says ask the only real man in the room. I as my friend meekly and he tells me it's ok but only on one condition. I'm so turned on by now I agree without even asking the condition. He says the condition is that while he takes me girlfriend from behind she puts on her strap on f**** me up my ass. Ok so what choice do I have. She puts her strap on on, he takes her from behind then she starts tearing up my ass. The harder he pounds her the harder she rams my ass. She is screaming in pleasure and I'm screaming in pain.
After my friend and girlfriend both c** yet again she finally pulls out of my torn up bloodied ass. I would think there's no way my friend can have another go but yet again he proves what a stud he really is. He orders me to sit in the chair and watch. He then bangs her as she keeps screaming for more and more and more. She screams how good it feels to finally have a real man inside her. As I watch my girlfriend finally get the pleasure she deserves that pathetic little me can't give her, my tiny little d*** gets hard. As I sit and watch I start playing with my pathetic little d*** wishing how I could be like my best friend. Wishing I was a real man like him. When they're finally down I squirt my little dribble all over myself. We are all satisfied. My girlfriend tells me she wants to have a real man for now on and this is going to be the new arrangement. I am to serve her and my best friend as their slave. While they sit in bed chatting and laughing they order me to come over and start serving them b

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