I'm a 16 year old gay male. Today I

I'm a 16 year old gay male.
Today I was pressured by a 23 year old guy to recieve and give him oral s**.
I feel bad, because I could have said no.
But I felt obligated to do it.

I feel bad now, because I should have held back, and said no.

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  • Get a girl. Stop being a f**.

  • Report him to the police and you report to a therapist!!

  • what a selfish gay mother f*****. didnt even recieve or give you oral s**

  • here's the rule: if you see an obscenity, ignore the comment. that person is just being an a******. wait! oops!

  • You f*** are all the same....whores

  • Exactly, serves you right. Just because you are a little f** w****, everything bad that happens to you is supposed to happen. You dirty little d*** sucking f**.

  • serves you right..f****** f*****!!!

  • report him, if you feel its the right thing to do. but remember if youre ever in the same position again, you've now learned from experience: you don't have to do anything you dont want to do. you don't have to feel obligated, say NO to anyone who tries to take advantage of you or who is oblivious to the fact that you dont want s** with them from here on out, try to remember that you call the shots when it comes to your own body

  • yes your right to the above commentor,i f****** love that m*********** he is one of the few who no how to keep it real and say the right stuff
    ***be real b*********

  • Leave ***be real b****** alone*** he's awesome!! All you other people can get stuffed you freaks of nature

  • f**

  • live and learn

  • Baby..you'll be okay.
    Tell your best friend,
    get a hug,
    and get this all out.
    Something like a confession site isn't going to help you feel much better.
    I know it hurts,
    and I know you feel guilty..
    but none of this was your fault.
    You have to know that.

    Stay strong<3

  • I'd report this to the police - he's an adult & you're a minor. Even if you did consent, it's still against the law. That 23-year-old should know better - he molested you.

  • good lord people are mean on here. please ignore the previous poster.

    you were basically molested. this guy's an adult, and you're just a kid. although it's the tendency in this situation for the victim to blame himself, even you have already realized that the man pressured you.

    this is not your fault. h***, you could report him to the police if you wanted. he could be arrested. put on a list. never allowed to live near a school or hold a post over children. YOU have the power here. Know that.

  • you should have held the f*** back and said no when you first thought you would turn gay you f***** peace of s*** m************ c********** son of a b****
    ***be real b*********

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