I steal from work....

I have been doing this for years. I take things from the retail area and from my co-workers. Its gotten way better over the last couple months, but now the guilt and the feelings of being suspect are catching up with me...I feel like such a bad person, I feel like a loser, unworthy of good things because of the bad choices I make. Time to turn this life around...

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  • We've all done it. When I worked in an office, I don't think I paid for postage for 4 years. When I worked in a restaurant, years ago, it was common to see people leaving their shifts with frozen steaks or food in hand. One guy would sling a strip of frozen steaks over his shoulder.

    My older sister worked part time in retail some years ago, and, I'm not sure if she ever actually paid for her bikinis every summer. They all came from the store.

    You can't go nuts with stealing stuff, but, as long as you keep it moderate, no problem. I think most employees do at some point, especially in retail.

  • You can start by making amends, return things if you can, or can afford to. Maybe try it anonymously if you are not able to do it openly. I stole something from a store once but managed to pay for it days later by bringing it back into the store. I could not live with the guilt. Good luck.

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