Dad and his friend

I am 29, recently divorced and moved away from my home. My father works in the area I live now, and I try to get together with him whenever he has time off.

He and a work friend were in town and invited me out to a bar one night. I arrived and they already had some drinks. I joined them and as the night went on his friend was openly hitting on me. My dad was quite drunk and was happy to see me having fun after my divorce, I had taken it pretty hard.

We ended up back at their hotel and his friend was really coming onto me, touching and teasing me. I was so wet. My dad didn't try to stop him, he actually encouraged him and told him to make his daughter happy.

Before I knew it I was stripped naked and being eaten out by the friend while my dad watched and jerked off. He f***** me and we both came.. he filled my p****. I was laying on the floor, breathless and dripping. The friend left for the bathroom. As soon as he was gone my dad was on the floor sucking my little t***.. I was squirming and moaning, I took his c*** in my mouth until he shot a load in my mouth. I swallowed it all.

He apologizes every time we talk since, but I want it again, and more.


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  • Who else have you been f***** and sucking lately?You have juicy stories am sure.

  • Ooh this made me wet with memory!!..I was the baby of 8 my teens in the early 80s and we always sunbathed nude at our backyard pool. well..sisters all aweay at school and mom off on work, my dad and 3 friends came by and were drinking hanging by the pool. they kept letting me sip beers and since I was a 90 lb ..year old..fingers started grazing my naked body and bulges started appearing in their swimsuits. The other men got nice crissy..and I(was getting visably wet. Their shorts came off..we got in the pool and encouragement they passed me around, groped me licked me and f***** me on and on,,,at one point they brought me to the side of the pool and daddys big load shot all over my face!! I luvved it..after that I went lots of places with Dad and his friends!

  • Ohhhh my goodness..what a lucky daughter! Why haven't you told your dad that you want more of him again?Do you think he's gonna tell your mom-are they still married?

  • They are married yes, and I just haven't gotten the nerve to say anything to him. I am hoping that the next time I see him when he is here and off work, there will be some sexual tension that we will go off :) I think about his hot load all the time and crave more and more from him.

  • I suggest you don't wait till he has to be around your city for work.Just ask him to make the trip.Since you are a daughter,he will make the trip for sure,you are worthy it any day or night.Make a good dinner for him when he comes over next time,you can drink at home or go to a bar;make it more relaxing and deliberate and "normal". And ask him to stop apologizing to you so profusely. Next time he does it,assure him no apologies needed and as a matter of fact let him know you crave more.I live with a very cute 23 year old daughter and my 2 year old grandson.Too bad she does not have a mindset like you,lol.Did his friend come back from the bathroom and find you sucking your dad,or did he ever know that you sucked dad off? I am so turned on by this

  • My dad came and I swallowed it before his friend came back, and I think the friend passed out shortly after he f***** me. lol.. I stopped thinking about the friend as soon as my dad joined me on the floor.

    Sorry your daughter isn't of the same mind set. I didn't crave this until that night, so maybe she just needs something to happen to spark it :)

  • I know uh! lol. Well I hope you post in the future and let us know about progress with your dad. I am sure its gonna be more fun for the two of you since you are no longer strangers:)

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