What I have learnt that truth isn't always best . Im male 34 an just came out of relationship of 16 years. I confessed to my partner that I was abused on a number of occasions by friend an step mom. I didn't tell anyone cause I wasn't even sure wat had happened an was older an listening yo friends talk about s**. I was sick to my the guy was still about .then as I got older girls would want to do things to me but it scared me somuch.after how long of me saying no to girls they started to spread rumors I was gay . This just made things worse. dad got remarried to his new wife who just didn't want me there. Was in the way . This women made my dad happy so I was happy. She then started teasing me about not having girlfriend. I pretended to have one then got caught out . This just made things worse. One night she was drunk while my dad was working she came in front room in just bra an pants an started askin sexual questions.she was rude in what she was doing. I don't know why but I got an hardon. An it was obvious. From there she kept doin it an getting worse each time. I felt so guilty an couldn't tell my dad. Didn't want to hurt him.she convinced me I was gay. I got drunk with friend one night an wanked. She caught us. She threatened to tel my dad. She carried on with teasing. I convinced my self I was gay. I told my partner an since then I've gone bk to not getting h******. Does this make me gay ?

Aug 25, 2014

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  • You may be gay.So go for it. You will discover if you like that lifestyle or not.

  • No buddy, truth is I don't think you ever really found your true sexuality...take some time and find yourself. It'll help, trust me...

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