Dads fiancée

Last night my dad and his fiancé were having drinks with friends and when they left dads fiancé was drunk but dad wasn't anyway they both slept out like a light and I got a sudden urge to lick dads fiancé feet and then I stripped her off naked still snoring away I fingered her p**** and she was pretty wet so I f***** her made her suck me off and cummed all over ass I wiped any c** on my hand over her feet and played with her t*** for a while but then I realised dad was waking up so I put the blanket over her and hid under the bed but I think dad knew what I was doing the next morning should I confess or go for another f***? She is hot and has made jokes about my d*** and has seen it before we linda used to spank each other when I was younger and she has grabbed it before does she secretly want me?

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  • Your story is stupid and unbelievable. Next!

  • No your stepmother does not 'secretly want you'. You just raped her. What you just did was rape.

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