I have written on here a few times and

I have written on here a few times and got nothing but mean and upsetting responses. I know there has to be a few people on here that can understand what I'm going through...

I am 15 years old and very mature. I, for the most part, have a great head on my shoulders. I don't enjoy getting high and drunk every night even though I'm around it. I try and help out my friends as much as possible and friendship to me is just as important as family because thats how i treat my friends.

Now to the important stuff...
I have two best friends that I would do anything in this world for, but both of them HATE eachother. It honestly breaks my heart. My friend got a boyfriend and I didn't really like him to start with and then she started hanging out with him a lot more, so I started drifting to my other friend more and more and we had awsome times together. I ended up dating her boyfriends best friend and we alwys had a good time the four of us. Keep in mind that my friend is 19 and so is her boyfriend and my ex.... "bad bad bad decision". My friend one day calls me while i'm in school freaking out telling me shes pregnant. I was there for every single doctors appoinment, ultrasound, and meeting she needed me to. Me and my boyfriend ended up spliting and he was kicked out for good reasons. Her boyfriend started blaming me for everything and pretty soon it got to the point where i would have to go home before he got home from work and it was really upsetting me. My friends cousin calls me one day and says you need to call her now. Turns out she was having a miscarriage and she had twins.... I couldn't believe it because just the day before i was telling her how cute twins would be and how great of a mother she would be. SInce she found out she wont talk to me. I text her every single day saying "I love you so much" and once in a while she will reply me too. I don't understand..... I have never lost a child so i don't understand what its like but i used to be the number one person she would call for anything and she knew i would be there in a heart beat. Please, if anyone has advise for me i would GLADLY take it. It's breaking my heart.

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  • Thanks to all of you. She has finally talked to me and she's alright. It's just so hard....

  • I generally agree with the previous commentors. I'm only 20 now, and while I've never had to go through the same experiences as yourself....I fancy myself having been mature for my age. It is true that the "best friends" will likely change around several times for the next few years, not necesarily because of arguments either, you'll just sort of drift apart...so don't set too much store by that label.
    As for your problem with your friend who had the miscarriage, it seems like you were really supportive and good to her during the pregnancy, which is awesome. But right now she probably feels like she has no one to talk to, it can't be you, because you haven't had that happen to you. It's a deeply personal thing that happened to her, and you need to just sort of show your support like you have been, but don't expect her to be as close with you as in the past...it's a major life-changing thing that happened to her, that tends to put people on different paths.
    So really you've just got to realize that if she does want to continue the friendship she will, but nagging her into it won't make things better. You guys may never be friends again, but that doesn't mean you can't support each other...it sounds like right now she needs to find people she can relate to, and that may not be you.
    I'm sorry if this sounded a little mean. But that's growing up for you.

  • A lot of people, when they go through something so horrible, go through a thing where they just block everyone out.
    I can't really explain why,
    maybe it's because they are too proud to ask for help,
    or maybe they jsut need time alone.
    Things will work out, and if they don't,
    She's hurting a lot right now,
    and I, personally am the same way with people.
    She seems like the type right now to kick and scream when you try to hold her,
    even though it's what she wants.
    She needs you there,
    don't stop telling her you love her.
    She needs it now more than ever.

  • Dear 15, I know it seems like you lost a really good friend. But just remember none of this is your fault. If this person is really your friend then she should be the one to appologize and make up. From what you say you have been the only one she can count on. She just had a miscarraige so she may need some time alone. After a while if she still does not respond to you then she was never a real friend to begin with. Real friend talk to each other and are there for each other no matter what. Just let her be for now. If she doesn't try to contact you then it's time to leave her alone for good.

  • Some people just don't derserve friends, drop her, and find others, thier out there.

  • I know you probably think now that you're mature for being 15, and you probably are. But you're only going to get more wise and mature from here so just take a lesson in realizing from about the age of 15-25 you will likely go through several "best friends" or close groups of friends until you finally settle into your lifelong group of friends. It's painful sometimes, but you'll realize that people just grow apart. It sucks, but it's just part of life.

  • 15? Just get out.

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