Older lady

Hi, i'm Steve, 24 single (same girlfriend for 3 years)
I do promotion work at events and shows for a automotive product. Being in the company of many beautiful young promotion models, is a perk of the job. Many of my mates are so jealous.
But this weekend, our stand was next to a charity stand. No young ladies, in tight fitting Lycra suits. But when at these events, you always end up chatting with the people next to you. This included a very nice lady in her late 50's. Much to my surprise, she started flirting with me. I noticed her wedding ring, and jokingly told her she was a naughty woman. But, despite her being so much older than me, i was finding myself getting turned on.
And she picked up on this, i was telling my self to get a grip. After all, there was so many sexy young girls working at the show, and what was i doing getting turned on by this older woman. She asked if i was staying in the event venues hotel, i replied by saying i was, and gave her a cheeky smile and wink.
Fast forward a few hours, the show's finished it's first day. And I'm in her room, having the most fantastic s** ever. I have never known a woman so confident and in control of a sexual situation. And was she kinky...wow...unbelievable.
At around 2.30 am, she simply told me, that she was finished f****** me, and sent be back to my room. The next day, at the show, she thanked me, but told me that i would not be needed that night, because she made arrangements with a young Asian guy on the stand opposite. Still, i had one night of the most fantastic s** of my life.

Jun 9, 2014

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