Meeting a married woman

Have tried to get this women at work in bed for a long time. She had marriage problems and separated from him. I hit her at the right time a few weeks back. She told me at lunch time we could go talk. I drove over the tracks and parked in the shade of the woods line. We were away from everything. She turned on and we got with it. She called me ot her station near quitting time and ask me: want to do that again after work? I tossed a blanket in the bed of the truck and got her there. We have done this every day since. At lunch time and again after work. She is twenty eight years older than me, but damn is she hot. Best I have had in my life.
She said this weekend we can go out. She is going home with me after work Friday. Will have a bag packed.
I am sorry her marriage is not working out for her, but at the same time, its all good for us.

Jun 9, 2014

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  • Careful. F*** her don't date her. She looks to be looking for hubby number two. Your job is to hit that p**** as much as you can but to dump her the second she tries to make it a relationship and with her bags packed to a camp out at your house that is what she is gaming for.
    My advice, get a few more f**** and quickly move along.

  • She just wants s**, she does not want commitment. She made that clear. I am much younger than she is. I am slamming her open legs every time she opens them. Very tight for me and I like it.

  • You are the man..that shows you how quick most married women are to cheat or have s** outside marriage. From now on you are probably hooked on f****** married women,young or old.Enjoy.

  • She is not my first. I have few more from work I have taken. One was married for a month before she ask me. Said her husband popped her and she wanted an o*****. Said he pumps her for a few seconds and pops his load. It took weeks before I had her calmed down when I stuck it in. She stopped when he cried one night. Said her p**** got big pretty quick. He worried she had been with another man. She got scared I would make her bigger than I had. She did not realize it was her getting excited for s**.
    I still get her once a month

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