Best Friends Girlfriend

I had been dating my girlfriend for around 6 years. We started dating in middle school, and dated all through highschool. I was a grade higher than her, so when i graduated she had one more year. I went off to school in Washington while she stayed in Texas to finish High School.

After about 6 months or so of me being away she broke up with me because the distance was too much to bear I guess. It was really emotional for me and I was devistated.

After the year ended I came back home. I was still feeling really down about the break up and just wanted to somehow get her off my mind. It was controlling my entire life. I hung out with friends and tried to keep my mind distracted.

And this is where everything went down...

So my I never really talked to my bestfriends girlfriend. Besides from having her in one of my classes in highschool I only texted her from time to time. I saw her occsionally when I'd go to my bestfriends house, but other than that, not too much.

So, she saw i was having a hard time and asked if i wanted to hang out to try to keep my mind off things. She had gotten into a fight with my bestfriend and was staying the night at her sisters house. I figured watching a movie was no big deal, so I decided to go over.

When I got there her sister was gone for the weekend. And my bestfriends girl was wearing so high sleeping booty shorts, and a tank top that basically showed everything. She led me to her room where we were going to watch the movie.

So when we got there we laid in her bed and just talked for a little. I had a lot on my mind and talking made me feel better. After about 45 minutes, somehow we just started making out. I had been without any sexual contact for a pretty long time to this point, and even though my mind said stop, my body kept going.

I started to feel her up on her b******. She just took off her shirt and bra and got on top of me. She took off her shorts to reveal a little pink g string and started grinding all over my erect c*** while I sucked on her b******.

Before I knew it, my d*** was out of my pants, and she was sliding down onto it with her warm TIGHT p****. I lost control, flipped her over, and f***** the h*** out of her.

After awhile of fillig her c*** with my c***, I pulled out, shoved it in her mouth and shot my entire load down her throat. She swallowed it and lay down because, like me, she was exhausted.

I left a little after this and we didn't really ever talk about what happened. I felt super guilty and didn't know what to do.

A few days later, I was hanging out with my bestfriend. His girlfriend and him made up and they were living together again. He said the night she came back they tried to have s**, but she was super loose, and couldn;t even feel him. and now she won;t f*** him at all...

I feel terrible about this and don't know how to tell him at all..

Jun 11, 2014

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