I realized I had a foot fetish when I was kid, as I got older it only got stronger.It got so bad that when I finally got my first phone in middle school I started taking pictures of every girls feet I was able to, even my teachers. It continued all throughout highschool and at the time I was wasn’t really thinking about how wrong it was but looking back at it I feel really bad about it and I wish I could take it back

Jun 16

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  • I am also fascinated with women's feet, especially when women in my yoga class in college would wear yoga grip socks with grips on the soles from Gaiam and Toesox brands! One time I was paired with a late 30s Early 40s gorgeous woman, she had a tight body to die for, I had a h******, man she was wearing yoga grip socks, I manhandled her feet, then I was done partnering with her in partner yoga, I started smelling the stench of her feet the feet smelled like ripe cheese and vinegar. One time at an Airbnb, I once smelled women's shoes in the living room and it got me hard!

  • I too have had a foot fetish from a very young age. Way back in the 80s there was no internet to find out information like there is now. I didn't understand but I was attracted to women's feet and footwear. Boots and sneakers. Very strong for Reebok Freestyle Hi. Once when I was around 12 My self and 3 other girls were hanging out in my bedroom. My parents were at work. I had this bean bag in my room and I sat on it. It put me down lower than them on the floor as they were sitting on the bed. One of them was wearing Reeboks and the other two were in women's rocker boots. The one in Reeboks all at once put her feet on my chest. Then the other two followed. Laughing and having fun. The one in reeboks lifted my shirt and started pressing on my chest. She was amazed out it left the soul prints in my skin.
    From here out I was sold.

  • I too have had an insatiable fetish for pretty female feet all my life. I am particularly fascinated with women who paint their nails and wear pantyhose stockings or sheer knee highs. I’ve played with many pretty nylon covered feet over the years and enjoyed them all. From tickling them to orally servicing them and sliding my manhood between their hosed arches till I climaxed and I still want it badly every day. My wife’s feet are absolutely the softest and prettiest size 8 feet. She changes up the color of her nail polish often and wears a nice variety of sheer hosiery for me. She is very ticklish but also multi orgasmic. When she is about to climax and wants me to as well she will push her pretty stocking covered toes into my mouth knowing that it will make me erupt.

  • Oh that's really hot! Kick it up a notch and wear your own pantyhose and paint your toenails too. You can even have your girlfriend strap on a c*** and gently slip it up your little hole. Getting your sphincter tickled should make you have a very strong o*****.

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