It's a shame they're not together

I have two friends we'll call them lucy and robert. We three knew each other in elementary school and at the time lucy had a crush on robert. In highschool they started dating but came into trouble. Rob didnt know what he wanted to do with his life (life many highschool seniors) and in the midst him and lucy broke up and he joined the military..3 yrs later we have a little get together of classmates. He steps in the room and her behavior just changes and focuses on him. She's driving me home and i ask her what happened between the both of them. She tells me and i'm trying to give her advice about how she should tell him how she feels. She says the problem is he doesnt know how to show his feelings (like guys do) and that it doesnt bother her that thing are the way they are between them (which is obviously a lie). They havent seen each other in 3 yrs but u can see they still have feelings for each other. I kinda feel like it's my fault for bringing up their relationship because at the time i had no clue until i jokingly asked her about it. Now she's depressed and idk what to do. I really want to help patch up what they once had cause they are both okay now and would look like a good couple. On the other hand I kinda feel like i did enough damage just by bringing up the subject and should just leave it alone. help?

Dec 17, 2011

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