Back and neck pain is frustrating

Wife and I have s** most mornings and many nights. All depends on the kids schedule and being out of the house. She can get wild when we are alone. I can go for about half hour before the pain stops me. I turn wrong or arch wrong or slam her to hard and the pain kills my h******.
I can still go with what I have, its a nice one. She gets off if its rock hard or not.
my problem is the pain that kills the h******, stops me from having an o*****.
I get off and she gives oral and hand work, I finish some time, not always. I have times when my prostate hurts from the back up.
She will take me in the bed room before dinner, while the kids are running and give me a start to finish oral BJ. It drains me for that time, just not fixing the back up loads.
I will be glad when this surgery fixes this. The pain meds are not helping my either. dull my nerves and stall my o*****. By the time she gets me off the lips are tired and her arm is sore.
She is good to do this for me.

Jun 12, 2014

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