Done more than Christmas shopping

I went out Christmas shopping with my sister missy who is 41 and her son adam who's 22,my sister has told me story's about adam and his private time in his bedroom and she's caught him staring at her,at my house later yesterday i mentioned to my sister let's give adam a surprise, when telling her what i had in mind she never hesitated,I called him upstairs and he got a shock that he definitely liked,we both was waiting for him on the bed naked and he couldn't hide his excitement in his shorts, maybe it was the few drinks she had that loosened her up because my sister was the first to speak to adam,missy rubbing baby oil all over herself she asked him to get his c*** out that was clearly showing it was big,I had to help him taking it out and it hit me in the chin,I sunk my mouth around it and tried my best to take it all but he's to big,I was doing a good job when he said that's enough and walked over to my bed gets on and between his mother's legs and instantly started s******* her,that hard my bed is smashing against the wall,I'm watching her 40dd b****** bouncing around adam gets her on her side holding her leg up and gets back to pounding away,I felt left out trying to get involved and finally i got my chance i was pushed down on my back i got the same experience as missy,I couldn't even wrap my legs round him that's how hard adam was s******* me,I ended up screaming having an o***** but knew who he really wanted his mother, with all the men ive had none of them have made me o***** that fast,adam quickly swapped me for his mother and my bed was shaking again he's slamming away we knew he was about to climax so i put my hands on his butt and every time he thrusted i gave him a push to stop him withdrawing,adam let rip he orgasmed so loudly my nextdoor neighbor heard it,that's a Christmas he will never forget.

Dec 23

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