My Girlfriends Daughter

I live with my girlfriend and her 3 daughters. The oldest one is Lauren 17 and absolutely beautiful. Her dad treated her like s*** and she no longers sees him. Her mother is h****** her and I don't understand why...shes a good kid and I adore her. I've been fighting a lot with her mom and Lauren and I have developed an alliance and had become very close. Affection has become more than I could ever expect. We have not had s** (I'm big down there) but we have kissed and performed oral s** with each other. Her inexperience is adorable and she wants me to teach her everything. I suppose one could say that Im taking advantage of her emotional issues but I truly do love her. I want to break up with her mother but I don't want to be another person to abandon her aside from our sexual relationship. If I could Id take her with me but that's more drama than I can handle. Can't help whats happened between us, it just evolved but I can tell you she has never been happier. I admit that I do enjoy her body and watching her do her best with my c*** but I do also love her and want to watch over and take care of her too.


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  • She is past it go for the little ones much tighter p****'s nice soft warm mouths

  • Do a Woody Allen and go ahead and sleep with her. When she's old enough, marry her and raise a family. You could do worse...

  • You should watch Fish Tank - the movie. And be out of curiosity how old are you?

  • The Same thing happen to me.. But with a friend and his daughter. She was treated like a step child, and I would alway hang out at their place. Long story short, me and the daughter started liking each other, and had a short lived relationship.. My friend caught us.. and it didnt turn out well... My advice to u.. Wait till she 18.. sadly.. it will be found out. Good luck to u

  • In Australia you could go to jail for 10 years for what you've already done. Stop now.

  • Yeah , and wait another few months until she turns 18 , lol.

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