No use of confessing

I confessed my all sins before 3 yrs and I am possessed by evil spirits for more than 10 yrs I feel lonely sad helpless poor. My family can't help me with this matter.Evil spirits (ES)in my body give me extreme physical pain.They have awful control over my mind. I can't pray like normal people. ES take control of my body at that time.Some one did black magic on me yrs. ago and due to weak planetary position in horoscope it worked at its best on me.I am feeling restless to get rid of ES. If you don't believe me and wanna laugh on my sadness and sickness plz never comment. If god is here to reward us for good deeds the evil is also here who punished me for my earlier sins. I am guilty of them.

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  • I was once troubled by evil spirits, a friend recommended this book as being of help. It sounded weird but I ordered it from amazon, read it and that was the end. The book basically teaches about the word of God against demonic covenants. Here is the link (you may choose to download the electronic version):

  • I am not mentally sick and religion is not bull s***. Mentally sick people don't take laptop n write what they feel as I did. They cause others trouble. I am just sick.
    Many months have passed. But I am still suffering from black magic inside me. I am growing weaker day by day. But y I am still alive because I am under god's protection.May god n prayers of my blood relatives for me help me.
    Many people believe in god n so I do. May god save my life.

  • You obviously have some mental issues. See a health professional. Religion is bullshit, don't bother.

  • Please go to an Assembly of God church that has a ministry for casting out evil spirits. Also inquire about being born again, being water baptized, and getting the Holy Spirit baptism, and with fire. Right now, tell Jesus Christ of Nazareth that you are sorry for all the sins you have committed, and that with His help, you will live a Godly and Holy life. Jesus bless you!

  • Evil idols were found in backyard of my house in buried form. When we destroyed them by calling a holy person and with rituals and prayers then I felt relief. My career has been shut.
    For 3 yrs we consulted doctors but no relief.
    Still there are many idols left in my house to be finished but they are not easy to get rid of.
    I wait everyday for some knowledgeable person to come and help us.

  • My father did the same as u advice. But all in vain, then surprise. We found evil shaped idols small and large buried in the backyard of our house and performed holy prayers on them and then I felt relief instantly. People laugh behind our back and wonder " does this really happen?"
    There r still more hidden idols in my house waiting to be found.

  • I believe that you believe what you're saying is true but I'd like you to consider the possibility that something is physically wrong with you. Something a doctor might be able to detect and treat. At this point do you really have anything to lose by trying?

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