I'm a christian who listens to metal and rock music, am I evil?

I'm a 24 year old female. I've been listening to Rock and roll since the age of 11. Back then I didn't have a cd player but I'd listen to radio stations that played rock. And when I was 19 I got my first group of heavy metal albums. Metallica, iron maiden, judas pries, ac dc, slipknot and children of bodem. I liked all those bands instantly and made friends with people who are into metal, I've been to a few live gigs at metal/goth clubs. Since then I've started listening to heavier metal like death metal, melodic black,thrash,progressive death... Actually all the genres. All the metalheads I know are atheist or neo-pagan or satanists. The thing is I don't dress like a metalhead, look or act like one. Infact most people are shocked when they hear what music I'm into. To the religious part, I call myself a christian because I believe in jesus christ, believe he died for all our sins and that he is The son of God, I read my bible once a day, I go to church twice a month, I pray once a day. I'm not a thief,murderer, I'm not on drugs,or anything I would deem very sinful. I am a sinner but I'd say my sins are everyday things. Nothing extreme. I don't even swear! I have a friend who's a christian and he judges me everyday because I listen to metal, he basically tells me that I'll burn in h***, and that I'm worshipping the devil and that I'm living in "darkness". This really hurts me because I care about him,and he insults me as a person because of the music I listen to. We've ended our friendship many times over this topic but end up friends again. He insults me, comments on my facebook page about how I'm falling into darkness whenever I upload a video by metallica for example. He even said that led zeppelin are satan worshipers and he doesn't understand why I'd even think of listening to them. He makes me feel terrible! He makes me feel like I'm worshiping the devil just because I listen to music deemed "evil" by some people. he insults me as a person when he insults my music taste. I even tried to not listen to my music for a while but I missed it. I told him tonight if he really still can't accept me as I am then hed better forget about me and surround himself with good christian people and forget about me the most evil and vile person he knows. I think its best if we went our separate ways, I can't stand being judged by him. He acts all innocent and holier than thou. I'm really hurt

Feb 8, 2013

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  • There is nothing wrong with loving evil, which is nothing more than embracing and accepting your own needs, that you too are important, that Satan gives you desires that you may fulfill them and feel joy.

  • Forget that s*** live your life do what u want

  • Art is a way exorcising the subconscious content in a person's psyche. If a person is continually surrounded by an oppressive environment, their music tastes may just reflect that. Christians are very prude when it comes to topics like s**, drugs and rock and roll and this repressed behaviour usually manifests as violence towards other people. Look at how many religious fanatics their are in this world who kill in the name of their God. I'm not hating on religion, all I am saying is anything can be taken to extremes, even religion. Maybe remind your friend that their religious beliefs does not make them "holier than thou" especially, when you consider the track record of Christianity and the crusades. Metallica actually wrote a song about this, it's called "Holier than thou" lol.

  • I'm 25 and listen to metal, especially death/black metal. Each song has it's own lyrics... if you listen to songs that don't have blasphemous lyrics in... you are all good! What difference does how a person sing or what instruments they use make? Some of the most beautiful love songs are metal. Ditch your friend, if he wasn't making you feel bad about your music, he would be finding something else to criticize you for

  • And I'm christian :)

  • Well, you have to take a moment and really think about what your listening to. Christ would want you to live to your fullest and be happy. I'd this music making you happy? Is it uplifting music? If you find that this music makes you feel good and its honestly not bad (nothing immoral, depressing or full of hate) then rock on, sista! Your friend has no right to judge you, that's gods role. He obviously doesn't know his true doctrines:)

  • Sounds like you've grown out of simplistic labels and simple balck & while morality systems. You're a good christian (and more importantly a good PERSON), but able to realize that music is just music, its not evil or good, it just is. Its a form of expression, and metal resonates with you. Lets be honest, your hurtful "friend" is not a true Christian. If he was he wouldn't do and say the things he does. He acts completely unchristian towards you. He is a complete hypocrite. But it doesn't really matter what he is, does it? Who cares about labels... christian, pagan, atheist. The point is, he makes you feel bad. Avoid him. Unfortunately, I know the type, and he will not go away unless you are VERY forceful with him. He is the missionary type, who thinks he has a duty to save your soul, as if he has a monopoly on moral authority. In truth he is intellectually and spiritually limited; his growth as a human being has been stunted and retarded like a plant with too little sun. He will drive you insane with fear and guilt so long as he thinks he can "save" you, and happily watch you suffer as long as he wins in the end. He will expect you to thank him in the end, and wants you to always look to him for EVERYTHING (starting with spiritual/moral guidance, but after that everything! Every element of your life!). You are a silly/sinful child to him, one that should know only enough to always seek his guidance -- you should be completely and totally dependent on him.

    HE IS A POISON PILL. YOU DON'T HAVE TO PUT UP WITH IT. If he persists get a restraining order against him. Free yourself from his insanity!

  • Perhaps you should remind your friend judge not yet you will be judged. Music is just a form of art, I have a feeling he would love to edit paintings to cover up nudity. Now there is one type of music you can't listen to, but you have to get a backwards CD player that plays things in reverse. Just some humor for you.

  • I see nothing wrong with what type of music you listen to, i am a catholic, and im goth. I love that kind of music, You can be who you are and still believe what you believe.... Am i making any sense?

  • Oh I hope you're female... Sorry just being funny to myself I'm the commenter below you and I appreciate you and the poster for your honesty... I would love to have a conversation with either one of you :)

  • Christians crack me up...lol. I would hate to know that I thrived on guilt.

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