Not what I had expected

For years now, I have fantasised about black guys. I am a 24 year old, red headed woman. Single. Slim with what I am told are lovely, plump b******. I always touch myself to BBC p*** and i was constantly flirting with black guys online.
Well, late last year, I finally arranged to meet one. We met at a hotel and when I first saw him, I was very excited. He was really buff and I couldn't wait to get him into our room!
All my dreams of huge, thick black d*** were about to come true... only, they didn't.
We made out in the elevator, his hands were all over me. I wanted to grab that c*** but I was teasing myself by not doing. Until we got to our room that is... I dropped straight to my knees and yanked down his jeans and... No BBC... it just looked... normal. I started to stroke and lick it, thinking it might be a grower but no, it got no bigger than any white man's I had seen. The s** was ok, but not as mind blowing as I had hoped.
Not be disheartened, I started searching online again. This must just be a one-off surely. I met with another guy. He bought me dinner and we went back to my place and... again, just... average.
Getting really frustrated now, I went with some girlfriends to a club. There were a group of black guys at the bar I got chatting to, flirting my hardest. I managed to persuade two of them to take me home for a three-way. I got into the pants of one of the guys and ok, it was a little bigger than the other guys but nothing major. The second guy dropped his pants and stepped over to me but seriously, it was the smallest yet! Even compared to a white guy!
What the h*** is going on? Has p*** lied to me? :(



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  • Go to google..... Put in "big d****" more pics of white c*** will pull up then black.

  • Yep, you have fallen for the myth. Not every black guy has a giant d***. As an emergency room nurse I have seen plenty and most are normal. Like the other poster said, the ones in p*** are there because they have big d****. You don't see white guys with small d**** in p*** do you? Welcome to the real world.

  • LOL they're p*** stars... Not exactly a good sample to make an assumption about a whole group of people. I also think this is fake.

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