Sharing my wife with black men

After years of sharing our fantasies, my wife and I decided to indulge ourselves and make our one real fantasy a reality. We responded to an ad and arranged for her to hook up with a black guy at local hotel. The two of them met for drinks as I sat alone nearby in the bar and watched this man flirt with my wife. She is a pretty blonde, mid 40's about 5'6" and 120 lbs. He on the other hand is our age, 6'3" and a muscular 225lbs. He latter got up and went to the front desk to get a room. My wife sent me a message what room they were going to. I waited in anticipation of what was going on in that room. When they were finished she came down and told me everything. The experience was so exciting for both of us. They arranged for another hook up a few weeks latter and asked the guy if she would mind if her husband watched. Before we went in the hotel, she asked if I was sure I could handle what I was about to see. We all had great chemistry talking over a few drinks. While going up to the room in the elevator, another guy came in. When the doors closed our new friend asked if this guy wanted to come and watch him f*** this pretty white lady. My wife and I were shocked and the guy was clearly embarrassed and politely declined. By the time we got in the room my wife was beyond hot with anticipation. As I proceeded to watch them go at it, I was shocked at how much my wife enjoyed this big black stud. Since then he has brought in another friend and the s** has been off the charts as they have been giving my wife the most unbelievable s**. She can't get over how good these guys are in bed! While these two guys have been doing just about everything imaginable with my wife, we may have recently gone a little to far. On our last get together, my wife and I were kissing on the bed when the new guy came over and put his c*** between our lips. Next thing you know I am giving him a b*******. This time it is my wife who is shocked. Our friend then bent my wife over and f***** her brains out while making her watch her husband going down on a bbc. Things have been a little awkward since then. I feel I got to caught up in things and just went to far in the heat of the moment. But I will say the s** was unreal.

May 30, 2014

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  • If my wife ever did this i would beat her with a baseball bat

  • My wife is very open minded submissive woman. I gave her to 3 BBC from Jamaica. For 6 weeks now . They are still f****** her. I just might leave her n Jamaican forever. On week 2 she was unable to walk. I never seen her f*** so much n hard. I watch her get f*** up her ass hole for 3 days. She just gave up. I now have a much younger girlfriend from Jamaica. My wife now belongs to 3 BBC from Jamaica. She lives in the back woods of Jamaica . I stop by now n then. She still getting f***. She is now a s** slave for life. She not allowed to wear clothes at all anymore. Best thing I ever done. I got a really sexy princess from Jamaica. I don't need to worry about my wife anymore.

  • I wish mine was

  • Wow!!....

  • Sometimes in the middle of the night my wife would lean over an start sucking on my nipples and trying to get me to have s**,. We finally decided it was time to bring another man into our marriage. Now in the middle of the night, James, our live in black man wakes her up and f**** her brains out. So much better!

  • If my wife ever did this cuckolding thing they would hear about her on the nightly news as a deceased wife who met a untimely and violent end

  • Sound good to me..

  • That is one of the most f***** up things i have ever read. so Your wife is a w****

  • That sounds OK, Your wife is a w**** and mine was when we were married and a few times after

  • I love it I wish my wife would do thia

  • My wife has an affair with a black guy from her work, she told me in the end but said she would not give him up and it was up to me if i wanted to stay with her , which i did
    he now stays with us at weekends and some week days, i now have to sleep in our spare room
    i rub my 3 inche c*** in my night dress as he f**** my wife in the next room and i can see why she will not give him up
    he makes her c** so many times, which i had never done in 15 years of marriage

  • You are the biggest a****** inthe world

  • You are sick

  • Wife with threesome enjoy

  • Threesomes are so great. It is the best way for a wife to get all the s** she needs.

  • My wife has zero libido. I would love it if she was interested in anything sexual.

  • Fartbox

  • I love it. I'm black, 6'3" 220lbs and in great shape.
    I get approached by white dudes wanting me to meet their wives all the time.

    A couple of months ago I stopped at the grocery store on my way home from the gym. Married white chick sees my shirt, from the U, says her husband went to school there. We shopped together and she started making jokes in the meet department. She took my number and called me when her husband went out of town for business.

    Met for drinks downtown and then back to my place. Mid 40's, tiny blonde, said it was her first time black. No condoms, she wanted that nut up inside.

    I was going to be all civilized and s*** and bust it on them t***. She wasnt having that, she wrapped them legs and rode it like american ninja.

    You think if they're messing around with interracial, they woul wrap that s***.
    They never do though.

  • What’s your info? Mine is

  • My wife loves getting black men to f*** her. She has done it in parking lots, in cars, anywhere convenient and on the spur of the moment. I get a kick out of it. Id love it if she would bring one home. She's 32 and I am 50. The day I met her I f***** her in my car. She was married to someone else at the time. I love eating her wet p****. She gives me great blow jobs too.

  • You lucky guy

  • Definitely no condoms for interracial, do it properly or don’t do it at all. I’ve shared my blonde girlfriend with a black guy once (definitely looking to make it happen again), she didn’t use a condom and isn’t planning to use one with her next. We both think it’s hotter that way.

  • Agree... love bbc creampies

  • I found my wife with a bout 20 black men never told me she was sleeping with them for years. she marred me because she was pregnant found the kid was not mine she told me the three some been going on for long time i showed try it. she has my a stat Locke up sleep in my house doing men every week

  • Dude I really gave my wife to 3 BBC from Jamaica. She has no choice but to give them what they want. Best thing I ever done.

  • I don't I dream about kitchen my wife with the 20 year old lover

  • It happened with my wife while we were on vacation. We were drinking in the lounge and she was flirting with a couple of black guys. I got jealous because she remarked that black men were hot. I told her "why don't you f*** one then" and went bar hopping by myself. When I returned to the hotel room the second of the two men had just finished stretching and seeding my cute little 22 y.o. wife's p****. That was 10 years ago and ever since she's had to ride an occasional black c***.

  • I am a black guy,I thrive on f****** married white women.Your blonde wife is hooked on black d*** forever.You have shown her that you can suck bbc,she is gonna hold u to that forever.By you sucking the bbc she got you de-horned,you cant ever fight her urge to f*** black men with big d****.She is possibly going to get pregnant and you are going to help her raise the baby. If you dont believe any of the things I just told you,do a google search and learn for yourself. You will either have to let her keep f****** these guys or your marriage will be over.If you are not already,you will soon be CUCKOLD and you either gonna love it or hate it:)

  • Fact. My sexy wife is completely addicted to BBCs and I love it.

  • Id love watching my tight wife tack a black c***.

  • Awesome

  • I think this is true

  • I would love to have the type of relationship you have with your wife. I have often fantasized about sucking bbc, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

  • Where are you located? I'm 6' 5", very fit and hung. I have good looks and interpersonal skills. I live in FL but have a place in Vegas and. Visit other areas. Hit me hp at HungFunBuddy on G m a I l

  • Hello,couple here hot little wife we are in barstow,,

  • I love for our black friend ti come over. He leaves a huge creampie for me to clean up.

  • He lovesto c** down my throat also.

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