Top less at work

Well it started out as a prank but it turned out to be a lot more than that.
I removed my blouse at work and took a picture of my b**** without a bra on and posted it in the guys cubical next to mine well this morning when I came to work here was this picture of this guys h****** and it looks as if it's about 7 or 8 inches thick and dripping wet with c** on it's head with a caption "your boobies made me do this" How did they know it was me and who's c*** is this, I put the picture in my lockable drawer and I find myself looking at it 4 times already and it isn't even lunch time yet, What lies ahead?

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  • 8" of hard c*** going in your c*** and a***

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  • Pics or it didn't happen,,, ")

  • You and whoever the guy is are both playing with fire. You can both get fired. There is no such thing as sexual humor in the workplace anymore. You can thank the women for that.

  • The drive home didn't last nearly as long as usual and once inside I stripped, got in the shower and I looked down seeing his c** dried on my thighs I reached down and ran my fingers over it reminiscing about what had happened and I felt that ever loving burning between my legs again, I turned on the water it was cold to start with I let out a screach and came to my senses.
    When drying myself off I came to my puss and it was still swollen from Gary's c***, tender to the touch so I patted myself dry slipped into my PJ's and layed upon the bed falling asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillow only to be awoken by the damn alarm at 630. I rolled out of bed and fell onto the floor still weak from the loving the night before my legs didn't do what I wanted them to do support me.
    That's where I'm at now wondering if I should attempt to go to work today or take four days off, I don't work Mondays.

  • Man our office boy is no longer a boy. Wow here's one guy I never even expected to have what he does. Blond hair c*** bottle bottoms glasses kinda scrawny but what a c*** a good 8 inch and 2 inches across and I loved it but I'm sore, he gave me a good f****** and I'm wanting more.
    We got up cleaned up the mess and I heard the cleaning lady starting in at the far end of the office and I whispered to him we got to get as he patted my puss again. God he just had me now he's starting in again I thought. he grabbed my ass and pulled me towards him pressing his hardening c*** against me harder and harder and I became weak I pressed back against him and he picked me up our lips met and he gave me the most passionate kiss I've ever had, I felt my whole body go limp in his arms and I felt that ever loving burning desire between my legs again. His kisses were followed by more and more and he sat me on the desk again and his hands cupped my t*** he began to play with my nipples and they sprung to life became really hard and that sent my puss afire, I began to squirm and he chuckled and said tomorrow love for tonight we got to split. I had a hard time standing as we unlocked the front door and we left , I locked up and when I turned around Gary was gone, I stood there wondering where did he go, was I just a quicky for him, was I his toy to be played with? all sorts of things kept running thru my mind as I walked to me car grabbing onto posts and things to steady myself along the way. I felt so weak I had a hard time walking and I sat on benches quite a few times just to rest before I got to my car. Unlocked the door got in and just sat there thinking about what had happen and what about tomorrow, can I face him without attacking him or him attacking me and I fell asleep.

    1140 I was woken up by a policeman rapping my window with his night stick I rolled the window down just a bit and he asked if I was alright and I said I was just tired so I took a nap before going home.

  • E
    We stayed there him in me together for a good five minutes not saying a word and he said again "we're gonna have to close up nightly as he bent down kissing me again, wow 7 already, where did the time go? All sorts of things began to run thru my head as he pulled from me I heard a plop and his c** followed his c*** spilling out onto my desk soaking my ass I began to slide off and he held me saying you like that huh? You want it there too? I couldn't answer just kept looking at his c*** thinking man did I have all of that in me

  • The bell rang and everyone passed by saying good night and went out the door I checked everyone off in my head and all was gone except for Gary and I and I felt my knees start to wobble I grabbed the edge of my desk to steady myself and Gary came up behind me took hold of me turned me around gave me another kiss as his hand went right to my puss starting to rub me I didn't even feel my skirt being pulled down and the next thing I knew he had both my skirt and panties down to my ankles and he began to rub his still hard c*** against my lips kissing my neck picking me up sitting me on my desk facing him he slipped his c*** head between my lips and started in giving me the f*** I wanted ever since I seen his pic. He layed me back picking both my legs up shoving his c*** even deeper into me wasn't long he was giving me every bit of it but it felt like it was going ever so much deeper every time he shoved it into me and I came, came hard and he kept f****** me long slow strokes hitting the very bottom of my v***** pushing me back farther onto my desk and I kept c****** on his c*** and I was getting weaker by the moment I was becoming addicted to his c*** in me wanting more and more and I was getting it then I felt him starting to getr tense and his c*** swelled up and I felt his sperm entering me squirt after squirt and he held onto me tightly pushing his c*** all the way in me as he gave me all his c** deep in me and we layed there my legs wrapped around his ass pressing him into me our eyes met and we just looked at one another and a smile came to my lips and a smile on his face and he said to me boy that was so good love, we're gonna have to close up the office every night without knowing I did it I squeezed my pus an his c*** and he let out a groan and he began to f*** me again and I felt myself wanting even more of him as I thrust my pus up towards him he pressed his c*** deeper into me and held himself there and I began to f*** him wasn't long till I came again

  • Update
    TGIF, for those who do not know what that means it is "Thank God It's Friday" and here it is 630 AM and I have to be at work at 9 but I'm thinking of calling in sick today and taking the day off for now I know who it was that sent me the pic of his c*** dripping with c**.
    Not at all who I suspected but a guy I know very little about other than he's kinda a nerd but yesterday he was hanging around my cubical quite a few times trying to talk to me but I was very busy and didn't have much time, BUT just before quitting time when I was getting all the reports ready to be sent out he came by and asked if I liked his pic, I felt my face go flush and I'm sure he saw for he asked again and I said "it looked interesting" and he was standing at the entrance to my work station and I looked up and god he was standing there showing me his h****** stroking it lightly and I about fainted, I couldn't take my eyes off of him as he pulled his c*** again and I saw some sperm seep out of it's lips and without knowing I did I licked my lips and he came closer to me saying "I see you do like what you see and came even closer". I was kneeling down getting my purse out of my bottom drawer and he came to me and all the time I starred at his c***, bigger than I thought a good 8 or so inches rather thick and very veigney, he took his hand away and placed it on my shoulder bent down and and picked me up sitting me on my desk and stepped between my legs I said not now for the bell was about to ring and everyone would be coming by leaving for the night, I usually locked up for I was the last one to leave and he said no problem I'd wait till you closed up and he reached down and rubbed my pus with his hand and god I was about to faint, my head was in a swirl and he pressed his hand even harder against me saying I see you do want it don't you, you're so wet already, I couldn't even say a word I started to say something but his lips pressed against mine giving me a very long kiss.

  • I think you're going to get f*****. Like, today. Congratulations. And you go, girl!

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