Idk why

Idk why but I've always had this reoccurring fantasy during s** that just pops into my head. I always get super h**** and when he's getting off and quiet, I always picture being in a room with other guys watching us. I always picture that it turns them on so much, watching us f***, that they can't help but j*** off. Then I imagine that some of them have to c** but I moan for them to c** all over me. The guys come up to us still f****** and shoot their c** on us as we get off. Does anyone else have thoughts like this? I've never heard anyone say anything like this before and I feel odd for my mind always going there, but it always happens when my partner is quiet.

Oct 18, 2020

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  • I am the husband in this case and I often fantasize about this exact scenario. I would love to have a bunch of guys c** all over my wife while I’m inside her. Of course, once they are all done, I would lick her clean.

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