$125,000 Debt,Graduate Degrees,No Job

I have 3 graduate degrees in good majors,owe $125k and have no job in my areas of study.Nobody wants to hire me and am not sure how I will ever repay my loans.I am not young and I am really worried.

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  • Having $125k in debt proves you're an educated idiot.

  • They sell school like they do big macs it's not about ur well being and profit that matters it's theirs. Honestly if the government did there job maybe they'd crack down on these thugs the same way police crack down on scammers

  • You are doomed.

  • Move to the civilised world (aka Europe).

  • Why would anyone want to hang with Eurotrash?

  • Its even harder to get a job in Europe that it is in America.

  • I have no work permits for Europe,although I would love to work in some other country for fun and cultural experience. I applied for a job in Australia last week and laughed when I got done-I was thinking,what if they give it to me?.

  • Broke your back for nothing.

  • I feel like I did for sure,hard studying,good GPAs for nothing.

  • What are your degrees in? Does the school have job placement programs? Would you consider a career in teaching at the college level. Sometimes at the college level you do not need a teaching credential, but must meet other requirements to do so. Depending upon the degrees, it doesn't always give you actual work experience, that's the catch. And you have to start somewhere. The job market is tough for anyone these days, even with a master or a bachelors degree. Just hang in there and something will come about.

  • I am actually thinking of teaching at the college level, if I can even get that opportunity.I have MA in Business and Organizational Security Management,MBA-Health Systems Management, and two classes away from a Master of Health Administration.Was planning to go to nursing school in January, to try for RN, so that I may be more marketable, eventually. But I don't think I can manage.I have found out that, at such a fairly young age,I have come up with rheumatoid arthritis,inherited from my mom,and my ankles and fingers bother me terribly.I have been extremely healthy all my life,it shocked me when I got diagnosed last year.

  • When I was in college I worked at a Woolworth's store part time. The store had plenty of people with Master's degrees applying to the store for any position available. Just going to college and getting a degree does not guarantee a job.

    Even those people with Masters wouldn't get hired at a 5 & 10 because mgt knew they wouldn't stay. I have a BA degree but I work in essentially a customer service position and am only two people in the dept that has a college degree of any kind. I don't make a lot of money. but the way things are today i am happy to have a job.

  • That is exactly the way I have always ran my life-I wanted to work and feed a family in anything that paid decent.I almost always could not be hired in anything that needed a degree but a week certificate that I paid $75 has made me money to raise my kids and do almost everything I have done for almost the last 30 years.It baffles me when I compare my $75 investment and the thousands I owe in student debt.I had an interview at a government hospital this month.I believe I was well qualified for the job.But I think I did not get it because I listed my education-they probably figured I would not stay.I did not want to lie by omission.By the way,I used to love shopping at Woolworths in my younger days.

  • You sound like one of those people who wanted to be a "professional student" and just enjoyed taking classes, with complete disregard for the usefulness of those degrees.

    There are still plenty of us out here who went to college and landed good jobs afterwards. But we got useful degrees.

  • I like school but not that much.I go because I don't have a choice.Glad you hooked something good up,I have never known that feeling.

  • Thats the thing I dont understand. They always say go to college and make all this money when you come out but in reality. College anit s***. Its just something to do. You might want to relocate to Washington DC, California, or New York with one of those degrees

  • To the person who said the OP should relocate, I don;t think that's a good idea. you do realize the extremely high competition for jobs there is right now, especially in large cities? The OP might be better off where there are less qualified candidates.

  • I am not so sure I can relocate now.Three years ago I moved to a city with plenty of healthcare jobs.By then I was already done with my MBA and was only left with 3 electives.I have applied and applied and seen not even 1 interview.I have a good GPA too.I have over 25 years in healthcare,in non-management positions, so I seek entry level or trainee type positions to get in.My current employer cant even consider me for anything worthwhile.I have little kids and their mom and I broke up 8 months after relocation.So now am stuck here just wondering why exactly I can't convince anybody to hire me. To lighten my day today,I applied for a job in Sydney,Australia,just because it required only a graduate degree and will train.I laughed after sending my resume.

  • You should be worried. Welcome to the new America.

  • I feel ashamed telling my kids to go to college really.One was done this last week and the other will be done by the end of the year.They did nursing so if they pass national exams,they will get decent jobs,God willing.I have really sacrificed a lot for my credentials,but they are totally worthless so far.

  • Nursing has a high demand so they should be ok.

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